The Ministry of Tourism is setting up a working group for Russian tourists

first_imgDeputy Minister of Tourism Pauletić participated in the opening ceremony of the International Moscow Fair of Tourism and Travel (MITT), which is being held from March 23 to 26 at the Expocentre in Moscow. During his stay in Moscow, Deputy Minister Pauletić met with the Director of the Sector for Tourism and Regional Policy Olga Jarilova and the Acting Director of the Sector for International Cooperation Olga Andonjeva at the Ministry of Culture. to be held at the end of April in Zagreb.This also represents a turning point between Russian-Croatian cooperation in the field of tourism. As part of the meeting to discuss activities in the field of cooperation through tourism in the next three years, a B2B workshop between Russian and Croatian travel organizers would be organized. Furthermore, the idea of ​​holding a month of Russian tourism in Croatia was proposed, so that since the Russian school holidays begin on May 25 and last until June 20, during this pre-season period, tourist traffic from Russia could be further intensified.After illogical and incomprehensible years of wandering around the issue of the arrival of Russian tourists, finally a concrete move and open cooperation in solving all problems with the aim of increasing the arrival of Russian tourists to the Adriatic. We hope that these activities will not remain only on paper and that the Ministry will be proactive because in today’s world and fierce competition, every guest is important, let alone Russian tourists who have been inclined to the Adriatic coast for years. The Ministry of Tourism points out that this year they expect the negative trend of Russian tourist arrivals to stop, and the growth of about 20 percent of Russian guest arrivals, ie approaching the numbers before the introduction of the visa regime. If the predictions come true, it would certainly be a very good reason to celebrate both in the Ministry of Tourism and all tourism workers. But it is a long way to go, but it is certainly commendable that the first step has been taken, which certainly raises positive hope. Last year, Croatia was visited by 113 guests from Russia, who spent 866 nights. Last year, Russia was also the 16th market in terms of the number of overnight stays in Croatia, with a share of 1,08% in total overnight stays.Despite the fact that the number of Russian tourists has been declining in the last few years, Russian tourists are extremely important to us because they stay in Croatia for more than eight days on average and are excellent consumers, said Deputy Minister of Tourism Pauletic.”We are talking with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the introduction of multiple-entry visas and how to possibly reduce the final cost of making visas for Russian tourists. What makes me extremely happy is that twice as many charter flights to Croatia have been announced this year compared to last year, and our national airline has also announced a Zagreb-St. Petersburg. ” One of the key factors in the arrival of all tourists is good transport connections, and the meeting emphasized that they will continue to further strengthen transport connections between Russia and Croatia. Furthermore, the Deputy Minister presented the Croatian tourist offer, which, in addition to the hotel, abounds in luxury private accommodation and yachting, for which Russian tourists are very interested.last_img

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