​Ex-Chelsea star Burley: Arsenal has Lacazette over Aubameyang

first_imgThe transfer of Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal is imminent, says former Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley.Lacazette is being allowed to leave Lyon this summer, with a number of potential suitors showing interest. According to Burley, Arsenal has prioritised the 25-year old – who scored 37 goals last season – above another available target, Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.”He’s had a good few seasons at Lyon, I saw him play in the Champions League last year a couple of times,” Burley said on ESPN FC.”The only thing I would say, it seems for the last two or three years we have talked about this guy leaving.”Nobody has really taken the bait and paid, a bit like Aubameyang at Dortmund, nobody seems to be going that extra mile to get him.”But I do get the feeling this year could be the year for him.”What we’re hearing and what we’re hearing from a couple of our colleagues, primarily back in the UK, is that Arsenal are more keen on him than they are on Aubameyang for various reasons.”I think that could be a move that happens for him and Arsenal.”last_img read more

5 essential daily tasks for every freelancer

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.As a proud expat of the 9-to-5 culture, the freedom of freelance thrills me. I work only on projects that interest me, and only when I feel like it. I can (and often do) work in yoga pants. There’s no clock to punch and no boss to moan about. That’s the dream, right?Not always.After saying “toodle-oo” to my previous career, I struggled to set a schedule. While I liked the freedom of freelance work, I also craved predictability. Without structure, I fell into a funk. I rarely changed out of my pajamas. Cheetos became my best friend. It was like my passion and motivation hit a wall.I fell into something that I like to call the “possum effect.”I spent my childhood summers in rural Oklahoma, where I stumbled across my fair share of wildlife. One summer, my dad was trying to trap a mischievous skunk that had been pestering our chickens. He never caught that skunk, but night after night, without fail, he always caught a large gray-haired possum. After feasting on the skunk bait, the possum fell asleep in the cage and had zero intention of leaving.Night came, and we opened the cage for the possum once again. I thought he would run free, but he did nothing. Nada. He just sat there. All he had to do was step out of the cage and he would be free. But he liked the safety and predictability of the cage, even if it meant he didn’t have his freedom.I unknowingly fell into the same dilemma. I was a freelancer now and my cage was open. There was no mandatory work day or silly quotas to fill. I could do whatever I wanted with my time! Why did I choose to stay in the cage, clad in flannel and covered in Cheeto dust?It was time to shake things up. I realized I needed a set schedule to ignite my passion again.The freelancer’s scheduleThe beauty of freelance work is that you’re the boss. Every freelancer and line of work is different, and that means you have to set up a schedule that works for you. Sure, it’s helpful to sneak a peek at other freelancers’ schedules, but it’s your job to find what really works.Some freelancers work just fine without a set schedule. I salute you, brave people, for doing this. I found that I’m not one of those people, and I need a schedule to stay honest.It took some trial and error, but I finally found a schedule that works for me. Here are the five essential tasks I schedule into my day to stay focused, healthy, and successful. Which ones are on yours?EmailEmail makes the world go ‘round. But you know what? It’s a total time drain. I fall down an endless rabbit hole of to-dos and long-winded emails. What I thought would be a quick minute of email becomes a half hour ordeal.No more! I now set aside two times each day specifically for checking my email. I check in the morning to put out fires and set priorities for the day. I also check at the end of the day to make tomorrow’s to-do list.WorkThis is the meat and bones of my daily schedule. The coup de gras. The money maker.I section off four hours each day solely for client work. I took care to schedule my work time when I’m at my most productive. I get into a flow state in two two-hour chunks each day, and it works! I get tons of work out the door with ample time for other tasks.EducationFreelancers often overlook this, but education is a critical part of our job. We have to stay competitive to succeed. The first step to being the best freelancer on the block is to stay educated.I schedule thirty minutes every day to learn something new about my industry. Whether I’m listening to a podcast while folding laundry or catching up on Search Engine Journal first thing in the morning, I make it a point to stay informed.ExerciseI prioritized exercise during my stint in the 9-to-5, but it wasn’t easy. When you’re chained to a desk for up to 10 hours a day, it’s tough to make time for more than a short walk to the break room. However, now that I freelance, I have ample time for exercising how I want, when I want.I exercise twice a day now. I’ll either walk around the block or do yoga in the mornings. In the late afternoon I head off to the gym to use their lap pool. I even got a standing desk so I can avoid sitting down all day.However you do it, make sure there’s room in your schedule to move. Regular exercise helps you stay more focused and energized, which is something we all need.BreaksMy brain works best with periods of intense focus followed by short breaks. While you could define exercise or education as breaks, I don’t. I intentionally schedule 15-minute breaks throughout the day to goof off. I let myself scroll through Instagram, play with my cat, and watch Netflix.Freelancer burnout is real. I know the temptation to work, work, work and then work some more. But if I don’t make myself take a break, I get fed up with writing. And isn’t that the point of freelancing to begin with? To be our own boss? To live a life that’s more authentic and enjoyable?I will always prioritize breaks because they help me be a better worker.The bottom lineYou don’t have to dictate your freelance schedule like it’s boot camp. Heck, you don’t even have to follow the same schedule every day. But if you’re like me, it’s important to set up some kind of structure to stay honest. The lack of structure can result in burnout, sadness, lack of motivation, and even freelance failure.Embrace the freedom of the freelance lifestyle while keeping yourself accountable. Set up a daily schedule that works for you, not one that keeps you in a cage.Kenzi is a full stack marketer turned freelance writer. She specializes in writing content that scores more business for marketing agencies.last_img read more

How Can Restoring Degraded Landscapes Deliver Financial Returns?

first_imgMore than two billion hectares (nearly five billion acres) of degraded and deforested land awaits restoration worldwide. The annual economic benefits of restoring this land are an estimated $84 billion—about the gross domestic product of Sri Lanka in 2015. As the economy surrounding landscape restoration – the New Restoration Economy – continues to develop, prospective investors are intrigued by the financial returns restoration projects can deliver.Investing in landscape restoration may seem different from buying a bond or trading stocks online, but the fundamental structure is the same. Restoration projects, like conventional investments, also generate both income and capital gains. Income refers to recurring payments received following an investment. Investments in restoration— such as planting bamboo along gullies or agroforestry systems on degraded land – can deliver income in a variety of ways, including from the periodic sales of sustainable wood fibers or annual revenues from ecotourism. For example, a study of an Indonesian forest restoration concession sought to quantify its economic benefits for local households. Depending on the ethnic group and their associated reliance on forests, the study found that households earned between $455-663 per year through the sale of multiple forest products, including rubber, honey and rattan.Additionally, investments deliver returns through capital gains – profits from selling the asset, which has increased in value over time. Restoration projects improve the productivity of the land by, for example, improving soil and water quality, increasing the value of the land and the opportunity for capital gains. In a study on the land value impacts of wetland restoration in North Carolina, wetlands were shown to have a significant positive effect on adjacent properties, increasing home prices at sale by $3,100 compared to properties with no wetlands nearby.If we only consider income from restoration projects through sales of goods and services – such as bamboo or carbon credits — we risk overlooking the returns from capital gains because of improved land quality. As restoration emerges as a promising opportunity for investment, it is important to consider both types of returns to realize the true financial potential of restoring land.last_img read more