Vehicle battery stealer gets small fine

first_img Share Share 21 Views   no discussions Photo credit: autovisuals.comYamada Parker of Marigot has been fined $1000.00 for stealing a battery from his employer.Parker was arrested and charged for theft of a vehicle battery from his employer sometime between 30th July and 31st August, 2012.During investigation into the incident, Parker informed the police that the battery had been in his possession for at least five months. He was arrested on suspicion of theft and taken into custody at the Marigot Police Station.When questioned by Police, Parker informed officers that the item was not stolen.“I did not really steal the battery; it was there so I took it“If I wanted to steal it I would hide it,” he said.As part of his mitigation plea, Parker was given the opportunity to apologize to his supervisor.“I ask you to forgive me and I will never do it again,” he stated. Magistrate Candia Carette- George issued a very stern warning to the defendant and reminded him of the need to respect the property of others.“If someone says to you cannot have or take, don’t do it “I can see the embarrassment on your face and know that it will not be done again,” she said.Given that it was his first offence, Parker received a small fine which must be paid by 31st January, 2013 or in default of payment will serve two months imprisonment. Dominica Vibes News Tweetcenter_img Share LocalNews Vehicle battery stealer gets small fine by: – December 12, 2012 Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Alabama-La.Monroe 3 things, mini grades

first_img Coker needs some help Jake Coker came in as the full-time quarterback for the first time all season. He definitely struggled, but he also threw three touchdowns. When he did make the right decision, and make an accurate pass, five of his passes ended up being dropped. Getting after it The most impressive part of Alabama’s defensive performance was the pass rush. The Crimson Tide had just five sacks in the first three games but recorded six against Louisiana-Monroe. The best part about that, all of the sacks came when Alabama was just rushing four. That’s a good sign heading into an SEC matchup at Georgia next week. Back on track After starting the season 0-for-4, kicker Adam Griffith has hit his last three field goals. That should give Alabama and coach Nick Saban some more confidence if it comes down to a kick at the end against the Bulldogs. MINI GRADES Rushing offense — C: In a game you’d expect guys such as Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake to dominate, the Alabama run game was just so-so. Henry ran for a touchdown, extending his streak to nine games. As a team, the Crimson Tide averaged 3.9 yards per carry. This team needs explosive runs to take pressure off the passing attack.Rushing defense — A: It’s hard to do any better than Alabama did at stopping the run. ULM went into the half with minus-9 rushing yards. Talk about dominating in the trenches.Passing offense — D: It looked like quarterback Jake Coker made some progress in the loss to Ole Miss, but he took a step back Saturday. Coker threw another interception. That’s four in four games. His deep ball is no threat. He stared down receivers. He forced passes into tight coverage. A couple drops mixed in. Not a good day.Passing defense — A: The Crimson Tide flew to the ball in pass coverage and had a consistent pass rush for the first time all season. Alabama had more sacks (six) in this game than it had in the previous three games (five). The Tide also came up with two interceptions.Special teams — B: Adam Griffith actually made some field goals. So that’s cool. JK Scott had a punt that went just 18 yards. That’s not cool. Overall, just so-so.Coaching —C: Alabama underperformed on offense, again. The issues have been the same all season, and the coaches haven’t changed anything. If running is the strength of the team, and the quarterback has struggled, why is Alabama averaging 40.5 pass attempts per game? Doesn’t make sense.Overall —C: The defense saves the grade. Even against an undermanned opponent, you’d expect a couple of miscues. But Alabama was all over everything and pitched the shutout. The offense was horrible, managing just 14 first-half points. The run never got established. The passing was streaky. Just ugly on that side of the ball. Alabama quarterback Jake Coker throws under pressure against Louisiana-Monroe at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.Alabama quarterback Jake Coker throws under pressure against Louisiana-Monroe at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. 3 things worth talking about last_img read more

NHL – No Third Jerseys, And The Switch To Reebok..

first_img Share this post 0 Edited August 31, 2006 by BelfourThibault Forums Home Chazberg Share this post kris9er Location:Currently in Cincinnati Share on other sites By LoligerBS, August 30, 2006 in Sports Logo News Prev 1 Posted August 31, 2006 5,159 22 Page 1 of 3   1 LoligerBS I dont under stand why the NHL is messing with the jerseys – they are FINE… Leave em how they are, if its not broken dont fix it – but noooooooooooooooo…… LoligerBS Link to post jOkeR Share this post Followers 0 0 Link to post nyk 7 nmsuaggie 1 capn89 0 ninersdd 0 Members 4,436 7 1,259 nmsuaggie Posted August 30, 2006 2,557 posts Members Sports Logo News Members SgtCarp NHL – No Third Jerseys, And The Switch To Reebok.. capn89 Does that mean no more navy blue “Statue of Liberty” Rangers’ Jersey, I luved that jersey Posted August 31, 2006 0 SgtCarp (edited) This is BS. No more Canucks gradient! That is my favorite alternate in all of sports. Share on other sites 1 Share this post Share this post 0 0 BelfourThibault 0 Posted August 30, 2006 Members 0 0 3 fonz 0 Members Members Share on other sites 0 950 This is a topic that I’m really on the fence about. Part of me says “if something isn’t broke, why **** with it?” and another says, “there’s nothing wrong with new.” I really just don’t know where to stand.I like hockey jerseys the way they are. I don’t want tight, spandexy crap. Who gives a ****? There is really no performance enhancement, whatsoever. Need everyone be reminded of the Olympics and the non-swift jersey wearing Swedes. “Enhancement” or not, better teams still win.I also don’t like the idea of shutting down the third jersey program (but at least that says it WILL be back.) I could care less if a team has 2, 3 or 30 jerseys. Hell, I like variety. Sign in to follow this   leedsunited Members OnWis97 Forums Home Share on other sites 0 187 js ° Next Members 2 22 nyk Posted August 31, 2006 Share this post Members 22 kris9er 0 Posted August 30, 2006 Posted August 31, 2006 Sports Logo News Share this post Sign in to follow this   Share on other sites Less, but better. 14,934 posts Share on other sites Followers 0 Member of the Right Brigade 0 22 Link to post Link to post leedsunited Akuma 79 Does that mean no more navy blue “Statue of Liberty” Rangers’ Jersey, I luved that jersey my gut tells me that the liberty logo will be on the front of the jerseys, either way.i can’t imagine diagonal text looking good on a spiderman costume. Share on other sites 0 Members Share this post ninersdd Share this post Location:Belleville, ON, CA Chazberg 216 posts 0 Posted August 30, 2006 Link to post NHL – No Third Jerseys, And The Switch To Reebok.. Posted August 30, 2006 Members Share on other sites You know, i’m completely ok with the no-third shirt policy.  Besides, the classiest squads (i.e. the Habs) never bothered with such nonsense in the first place  I hope you are being sarcastic. The Habs have 2 white jerseys. The classic one with the red shoulder, and the white one that is a mirror of the red jersey.from 2,856 posts 12,072 posts 0 Sports Logos 2,520 posts Location:Dana White’s Hair 0 This is actually news that to me is not all that terrible; the only thirds I would miss are Ottawa’s, Atlanta’s and Chicago’s (and of course the mooterus ). But this swift jersey thing really has me terrified. I suppose if you look at a NFL lineman or receiver now compared to 10 years ago you’d see almost as much of a difference, but that trend happened gradually, and still wouldn’t look as silly as it will on the ice. These uniforms are SUPPOSED to be baggy. And there isn’t a fan alive that would look good in one of those form-fitting things. I could live with this swift jersey thing if they did one thing–Had each team get their own designers for the jerseys. Instead they are all going to look the same because it is cheaper and easier.And sorry, but one of the things hockey has going for it is the colorful jerseys that people like to buy. When the swift jerseys come out, a lot of people won’t want them–particularly those carrying a few extra pounds. All Activity This topic is now closed to further replies. Link to post Link to post Sodboy13 0 Share this post Location:☰ Share this post Next Location:NEW YORK CITY Share on other sites 4,436 Share on other sites Posted August 30, 2006 Edited August 31, 2006 by Mingjai 0 Link to post Members Mingjai 0 Mingjai Members Link to post 195 posts Link to post OnWis97 Akuma Share on other sites It should always be Christmas in New Jersey 0 Link to post 950 0 Go To Topic Listing 0 Share on other sites 1,857 posts ColeJ Share this post js ° Share this post Recommended Posts Share this post 0 22 19,561 posts 0 That was an email which was sent to me from the Blackhawks’ PR staff in response to a question I had asked them regarding the third jersey (requesting that they change them). Funny thing is, I got that email yesterday morning, posted it on a St. Louis Blues forum, and to my surprise…it’s here when I make my daily check of the CC Forums! (Sorry if I seem so jacked up about this, it’s just weird to see my email all over ‘teh intarwebs’ like that in less than 24 hours! ) Share this post All Canadiens Jerseys are Class but, I wish that they would go back to the old lettering from the early 90’s Phoenix is a bangwagon town Share this post 7 When do the new jerseys come out? I still haven’t seen the reebok changes. 741 posts Share on other sites 0 Posted August 31, 2006 BelfourThibault Link to post Posted August 30, 2006 Sports Logos Share on other sites ElwoodCuse 950 22 SportsLogos.Net 5,159 7 2,568 posts 0 347 posts 4,436 Link to post Posted August 30, 2006 Share on other sites SabreGuy Members Prev 0 Members Page 1 of 3   6,476 posts Link to post Posted August 31, 2006 0 79 0 Link to post Share this post 111 5,159 fonz Why would they get rid of them next year? 111 Location:St. Paul | Chicago 2,347 posts Hmm, I think the NHL may just be revamping all the teams’ jerseys to make money off their sales. They can only sell so many of the same old Canadiens, Blackhawks, etc jerseys. Sure they make money off the teams who have newer 3rds, but a league rehaul would really bring in the cash. NHL – No Third Jerseys, And The Switch To Reebok.. 357 posts Form fitting or not… the thing I liked best about hockey jersies were that they looked like ponchos.  I don’t want them to fit “well”… I want them to fit like ponchos.  Ah well. No doubt! Everyone knows that a hockey jersey marked “M” is going to fit you like an “XL” in any other article of clothing!EDIT: Which I think is the reason why my wife hates it when I wear my hockey jerseys. 1,259 Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish Share on other sites Sodboy13 Link to post Members SabreGuy 1,259 Location:Hooville 0 Form fitting or not… the thing I liked best about hockey jersies were that they looked like ponchos. I don’t want them to fit “well”… I want them to fit like ponchos. Ah well. 24 posts Favourite Logos:Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Cardinals, Sparky the Sun Devil Posted August 31, 2006 0 Posted August 31, 2006 SportsLogos.Net Members 0 All Activity (edited) 218 posts Link to post 0 This is BS. No more Canucks gradient! That is my favorite alternate in all of sports. This jersey is already gone. They are only wearing the home, road, and blue/green vintage one this year.Also seconding the “finding a way to make me stop buying hockey jerseys” comment. No way in hell am I buying something like this. Location:Lebanon Ohio Share this post Link to post 0 Share this post Location:Sacramento,CA Posted August 31, 2006 3 79 Share on other sites Location:Effington 7 0 199 posts You know, i’m completely ok with the no-third shirt policy. Besides, the classiest squads (i.e. the Habs) never bothered with such nonsense in the first place Posted August 30, 2006 2,826 posts 111 Well, if this goes down like it seems it’s going to, I’d like to thank Reebok in advance for finally figuring out a way to make me stop buying hockey jerseys. And they said it couldn’t be done!Interesting consequence of this change, if it’s true: Anaheim and Buffalo will have to re-vamp their uniforms – again – after wearing their new duds for one season. So if you’re a Ducks or Sabres fan, you might find yourself buying a new jersey in ’06, a new jersey in ’07, and a new third jersey in ’08. Now I see what Reebok’s up to… 553 posts Members 1 Share this post Location:New Jersey 542 0 542 Posted August 31, 2006 So I found this on the SabresFans message board, sounds like he found it somewhere on the Blackhawks website:Saw this posted somewhere: (blackhawks)Thanks for input regarding our third jersey. We will be staying with our current third jersey for the 2006-07 season. The NHL has notified the teams that they will suspend the third jersey program for the 2007-08 season. We have discussed several options for the our third jersey when the NHL resumes the third jersey program for the 2008-09 season, and have not yet finalized our strategy. Once again, thanks for your input and we look forward to seeing you at the United Center this season.Sounds to me like this will be the last year for regular, old school hockey jerseys. It could be the only reason why they would get rid of the 3rd jerseys, to go to the Reebok Swift Jersesy style.Sad news for hockey purists, but i guess we’ll wait and see…This also brings into question the vintage program – – The Sabres are gonna wear the vintage as their third, but all of buffalo will be pissed if they go only with the slug.And finally, the only upside: Could they be going back to White at home, colors on the road? 2 Location:Waxahachie, Texas Link to post Share on other sites 7 542 I’d like to chime in with my thoughts on these swift jerseys for a second.First off … the thought that they will look futuristic and spandexy i don’t think is accurate. If anything … i believe that seeing the players on the ice in these things will only harken back to a more traditional “Jacques Plante” era. And personally, i love that idea … this will actually have a fairly large impact on the sport i think … by widening the gap between speed/skill players and big/tough players. the middle ground will not be as prevelant … just my thought on that.As for the ‘template’ argument … i don’t think this will even be a consideration. I think the NHL knows all too well that their fans are not interested in losing their tradition … the jerseys will all remain exactly the same .. and each team will have liberty to design their jersey as they see fit … some might redesign their stuff though to consider the fact that their ‘canvas’ has changed in form, so they may have new designs to better compliment that. Traditional teams will not be making silly changes at all though.Lastly .. the tight fitting jerseys will most likely be tight fitting on players wearing pads … not on your average human wearing skin. they won’t be as poncho-esque as jerseys now … but they will not be form fitting or spandex.This is all my own speculation, and I have really no hands on evidence to prove or disprove any of this .. so take it as you will … just my thoughts. Share on other sites jOkeR 0 ElwoodCuse Share on other sites Link to post Posted August 30, 2006 Location:El Paso, Texas ColeJ Members 0 Members Location:Chicago, IL 187 187last_img read more