Chekhov classics come alive

first_imgChekhov Republic is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s four classic stories which are deceptively simple but often end on an abrupt note. Directed by Devesh Nigam, the act was staged at Akshara Theatre on April 26. The play was an amalgation of four classic plays. The first was The Proposal is a one-act comical farce which shows the characters’ desperation for marriage. The dialogue-based action and situation based humor portrays how economic security takes precedence over romance and love. Surgery is a story of a man with a toothache and an inexperienced dental assistant who attempts his first tooth examination!  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The Drowned Man is a black comedy. It’s a weird tale of a man who stages drowning act for meager sum for meeting ends . On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco is a hilarious monologue which is rarely seen on stage nowdays. A man has been commanded by his wife to give a lecture on ‘the harmful effects of tobacco,’ although he himself is a chain smoker!. He obeys but digress from the actual subject by complaining about his domineering wife. The cast of the play were  Atul, Zubair, Abhishek Mehta, Anisha, Amit Pandey, Shorya Sehgal, Satyendra Yadav, Ashish Mishra, Komal Gupta, Neelesh Bisht, Deep Singh, Rohit Shukla, Rohit Kumar. The play was a presentation of Cineaste’ group which is a Delhi based theatre group formed in 2011. The group is a bunch of passionate people, from working professionals, students to the aspirants.last_img

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