Interactive panoramic image from on top of the worlds tallest building

first_imgThe Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world at 2,722ft, or 829.8m. It is the most visible symbol of the transformation the oil-state of Dubai has been undergoing in the last 20 years. Artificial islands, massive skyscrapers, and expansive fields of grass in the desert — all these things are visible in a new interactive panorama taken from the top of the Burj Khalifa.The full image is 2.6GB in size and contains an astounding amount of detail. The image is composed of 70 individual photos amounting to 2.5 gigapixels in total. 48 of the shots were panoramic images taken with a tripod. Photographer Gerald Donovan then took 22 manual shots to fill in the gaps left after all the panoramas were stitched together.Not only can you spin around to look at all the nearby objects, but you can zoom way, way in on distant buildings and curiously well-maintained green spaces. There are even construction cranes cranking away on new skyscrapers in the image.You can pan around by clicking and dragging, and the mouse wheel will let you control the zoom level. It’s going to take a second or two for the image to snap to the full resolution whenever you pan or zoom. Sadly, this is all built in Flash, so it won’t work on a mobile device and some slower PCs might have issues, too. If you;re on a slower connection, the data load is worth the wait when you first fire up the panorama.HIPA via Gizmodolast_img

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