MegaUploads resurrection wont be using mega domain after all

first_imgKim Dotcom has been pretty vocal about the MegaUpload phoenix rising from the ashes, though it’s clear that he’s got his work cut out. Just days after announcing that the new site would avoid the perils associated with .COM domains and kick things off as, the government of Gabon stepped in. The short version: MegaUpload isn’t going to be resurrected using Gabon’s top-level domain.Communication Minister Blaise Louembe ordered that the domain be immediately suspended, saying that Gabon won’t be used “as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights.” He added that “unscrupulous people” won’t be welcomed under the .ga domin. Dotcom responded by tweeting that Vivendi SA (who own Activision Blizzard and Universal Music Group) were heavily involved in the shutdown. Vivendi, it so happens, is also the parent company of Gabon Telecom, which administers the .ga domain.Dotcom says not to worry, he’s got a backup plan. It’s interesting, however, that Mega’s first choice to avoid .COMplications was to sign up with a registrar owned by one of the world’s largest rightsholders.Late yesterday, the story took an additional turn when a hacker group called Omega seized control of and offered to sell it to Universal. Omega says it will listen to offers in the millions, and in a Robin Hood-esque gesture has promised to donate 10% of the take to the Gabon Youth Forum. A nice touch, to be sure, but one that does nothing to mask the fact that they’re fencing stolen goods — albeit from a person Louembe referred to as “unscrupulous” and which Omega itself says is “only here to pollute.”Maybe it would have been better to just petition Vivendi for a generous donation. The domain can’t be worth anything to the folks who determine whether or not it can be utilized by anyone, anyway.More at TorrentFreaklast_img

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