Rosberg blocks out title talk in Mexico

first_img0Shares0000Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team’s German driver Nico Rosberg vows to remain focus as he looks to clinch his 10th win of the year in Mexico © AFP/File / Yuya ShinoMEXICO CITY, Mexico, Oct 27 – Nico Rosberg plans to block out all thoughts of a possible maiden title triumph and focus on sticking to his singular and simple approach when he bids to claim his 10th win of the year in this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix.The 31-year-old, who will become champion if he wins and Mercedes team-mate and title rival Lewis Hamilton fails to score a point, has said he is aware of all the equations and possible outcomes. But, he stressed, he will aim only to keep things simple and concentrate on repeating his victory of last year when Formula One returned to the noisy and atmospheric Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez for the first time since 1992.In front of a packed crowd that day, Rosberg eased some of the pain from losing out to Hamilton in the title race by securing a well-judged victory.Something similar coupled with another Hamilton retirement would see him take the Englishman’s crown on Sunday night.“Of course I’m aware of that,” he said. “It’s an obvious calculation which everybody is telling me and it’s great, but the approach is keep it simple just look for the race win.”Rosberg will arrive in Mexico with a 26-point lead over Hamilton in the title race and three races remaining.That means that if he wins he will increase his tally to an unassailable advantage of 51 if the three-time defending champion is undone by another engine failure, poor start or other mechanical problem.For Hamilton, and his race team of Mercedes mechanics, the over-riding pressure, as it was during his flawless drive to victory in the United States Grand Prix in Texas, is to finish without any setbacks.In the 18 events to date, he has been affected by at least three poor starts, five engine or engine-related mechanical problems, one race when he was penalised for his engine failures that required new power units and one crash, with Rosberg, in Spain.Rosberg has also suffered misfortunes, but not to the same extent and many Hamilton supporters believe he has lost a minimum of 40 points as a result.Some believe, also, that the law of averages will deliver at least another twist that may see Rosberg suffer a DNF (Did Not Finish).Hamilton’s convincing win from pole position last weekend in Texas was his first in six races since July.He said it has restored his confidence and he will do all he can, reliability permitting, in the final races.“You don’t often get 100 per cent reliability for a whole season,” he said.“Will it be the case for Nico? Only time will tell, but I can’t get fixated on that.”Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team’s German driver Nico Rosberg looks to extend his lead over the pack in Mexico © POOL/AFP/File / Yuya ShinoHamilton said he has kept his motivation intact despite his poor run and was boosted by visiting the Mercedes factory in Britain before flying to the United States.“I’ve tried to keep a positive mentality,” he said. “There are still points available, anything is possible. The moment you give up, that’s the moment you’re doomed.I’ve never given up all my life, I don’t plan on doing so now.”Both Mercedes drivers know that they face a robust challenge from the Red Bull team who are confident they have reduced the champions’ advantage and can mount a serious bid for victory.However, given the Mexican circuit’s long straight, Mercedes are expected to enjoy superior power and take advantage, but it is uncertain if that will be enough to allow their drivers a clear scrap for victory and possibly the championship.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Related Items:Chief Parliamentary Counsel, garbage, Hon. Noel Arscott, Riverton City Garbage problem in TCI making popular travel website Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, Dec. 23 (JIS): Come next year, stiffer fines will be implemented for persons who continue to breach the island’s anti-litter law.“We are going to take to Parliament, next year, a range of significant fines for persons who are discarding (garbage) in a careless way. We are just waiting on the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, who drafts these laws. Once that is done, we are going to take it to Parliament,” Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Noel Arscott, said at a recent function at the Ministry’s Hagley Park Road offices in Kingston.He reminded Jamaicans that there is no need to discard their waste improperly, adding that improper waste disposal is “one of the scourges that affect our beautiful country.” The Minister said many schools and companies have active programmes teaching persons about proper waste disposal measures as well as recycling.He informed that persons have found creative ways of earning from garbage, as did a group of women from the Riverton City area in Kingston.“These young women have formed themselves into a cooperative, where they collect plastic bottles, compact them and export them. So, they have now found a way out of the waste and the garbage to create wealth,” he said.last_img read more

Sapphire to celebrate Annual Gala

first_imgIts been an eventful year for Sapphire Creations, which has completed 26 years of their journey.But at the same time, Sapphire has initiated various work like INArtSynC (Inspiring Artistic Sensibilities in Your Campus) to integrate art and dance, particularly in the education system, giving a new perspective of art in India for the new generation. It has been identifying talents on one side and developing the skills, while on the other it is working to create awareness of myriad art forms and contemporary dance for the genext. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfIt has always been important that dance becomes ‘a vehicle of social consciousness’ and we use it for education and empowerment. So this Annual Gala, which will be held on March 31 at Minerva, 7 pm onward, Sapphire dancers chose to tell all of us one important story that has touched those who are part of this society. “The story of transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is all important. I believe that each child has a butterfly within him/her who wants to unfold its colourful wings and fly in an open blue sky”, said Chakravarty. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThis 70 min production ‘Dreams with wings’ invokes the very spirit of freedom to allow the children to fly without fear and lead their life in their own terms…be what they really aspire for and live their own dreams in the realm of art in them and in their life. This story unfolds through music, songs, and dance with more than 50 performers from Sapphire. A special evening has taken shape in association with FACES and Imran Zaki who have chosen 20 schools that have made unconditional effort to bring art in the lives of their students and who through various initiatives recognises and nurtures such talent of these children, making them excel further and live their dreams.last_img read more

Beware Unsecured Wireless Networks

first_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. 5 min read By Keith FerrellOver the course of a recent long weekend’s travel — trains and automobiles this trip, no planes — and a long weekend’s bouncing from wireless network to wireless network, a colleague remarked (gently) on my being “fearless in my wirelessness.”Well, sure! Because I was traveling with a brand-new notebook computer that had absolutely nothing on it except an office suite, a browser, and a mail program (and full anti-malware suite, of course.) I was delighted with the notebook and, indeed, fearless. None of the e-mails I sent or was likely to receive over the weekend contained confidential information (other than “secret” recipe ingredients for the party my wife and I were attending.) I wasn’t going to access any financial accounts, and there was plenty of destination shopping where I was going so I wouldn’t be buying online.In other words, I had nothing (on the machine) to lose.So when I picked up the unsecured wireless network in the hotel we stayed at midway through the first leg of our journey, or lucked into hotspot after hotspot as our train paused to pick up and discharge passengers, or grabbed access from one of several open WLANs in the neighborhood where we stayed for the weekend, I felt no qualms (other than a mild but nagging discomfort over freeloading on somebody else’s network.)Most of those networks were public hotspots — the train station, a restaurant, or a cyber café — but more than a few were private wireless nets or small and midsize business wireless connections. I feel confident in that last assertion because most of the networks I encountered were clearly Cisco’s Linksys, and a few had owners who went to the trouble of changing the network’s names.I’ve changed those names here to protect the foolhardy, but one was essentially XYZhealthserve, another presented itself more or less as ABCconsultgroup.None of them had any security in place.Now I don’t have any idea what sorts of data “healthserve” or “consultgroup” have on their machines, but judging from the names assigned to their networks I’d be willing to place a wager that at least one of them deals with information subject to compliance regs. And it’s a 100% certainty from my point of view that both have information on their networks that they don’t want outsiders accessing.And yet, there was no hint of password protection, not a bit of bandwidth blockage. Makes you wonder how up-to-date their antivirus protection is (or if they’ve even got any).And my colleague thought that I was being reckless!Of course, there’s always the chance that some of the networks I encountered were left deliberately unsecured to entice passers-by into a crook’s web. Take a look at this review of wireless security, including how to recognize crooknets masquerading as open WLANs to get an idea of what you and your mobile employees are up against out there. But I digress.The whole experience got me thinking.On the network side: If you buy off-the-shelf wireless networking products — for many smaller businesses that’s a more than sensible decision — be sure to configure them at the highest available security level, reset the password immediately (and change it every few weeks), and do what you can to limit the range of wireless access. Period. No exceptions.But if you or your remote employees are going to use open-access or unsecured wireless networks, ask yourself these three questions:How much of the material on your business’s mobile devices really has to be there?Are you sending your road warriors out armed with enough data to actually run your business — or let somebody else run rampant through your data?Do your mobile and remote workers carry only the information necessary to close the deal at hand?We’ve all become accustomed — too accustomed for safety — to carrying our entire lives (business and otherwise) with us wherever we go. And it’s hard not to — storage has become so available that it’s just plain easier to keep and carry it all than to sift, sort, and select only what’s needed.Easier, but riskier, too.Again and again we hear about security breaches caused by stolen notebooks and other mobile devices packed with confidential data (not to mention data disks and devices such as last year’s exposure of personal information for nearly half of the British population).Now, clearly, it’s impractical to strip a business machine down as far as this new notebook. And — mea culpa in advance — odds are the next time I travel, maybe in just a few weeks, or even days, there’ll be data on my notebook that will impose on me more wariness than I enjoyed on my “weekend off.”Maybe a lot more.But there’s something to be said for taking the time to review exactly what and how much information is on every mobile device your company fields — and review it with a harsh eye toward deciding what really has to be there, and what doesn’t.Strip the machines’ contents to the absolute bare-bones essentials for the job at-hand — not the masses of data that you might need, and that crooks would definitely love to have on their hands. Tighten up your wireless act at the office as well as on the road, and both sides of your business will benefit.Keith Ferrell is the author of a dozen books and countless magazine and newspaper articles. The editor of OMNI Magazine from 1990-1996, he also is a frequent speaker to corporate and institutional audiences. 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