What your home page is probably missing

first_imgAnswer: a great photo. One that moves you to a smile, a tear or a click to donate.I look at dozens of nonprofit websites a week, and almost none of these have a dynamite photo. They may have no photo. Or a photo, but it’s small. Or corporate, stock-photo-looking image. Or a dull photo.This should be the hottest priority for your home page. People glance at web pages, not peruse them. You want to pull them in fast, and there’s no better way to do that than with a compelling image.Do you work with kids? Feature photos of them – or taken by them – on the home page. Or put a piece of their artwork on the home page. Do you work with animals? Put a big image of Rover on your page. Do you do something abstract, like advocacy for public lands? Show one of your super advocates standing in front of something they saved. Do you work on domestic abuse? Put a big photo of one of your hotline staff on the home page. HUMANIZE what you do. Bring it to life. Put it in pictures. Make that image a big piece of your home page real estate.But Katya, you might say, what about YOUR home page? Errrrr, right. Paging Dr. Hypocrisy. BUT, we’re about to do this right at Network for Good’s nonprofit site – This is “before.” Stay tuned for the transformation. Goodbye field, hello humans.Some great inspiration is at Collective Lens. I’ve invited them to share tips for great photos, and they kindly agreed, so stay tuned for those in an upcoming post.last_img read more