In defense of Medicare’s annual wellness exam

first_imgFirst OpinionIn defense of Medicare’s annual wellness exam The more relaxed nature of these visits helps some patients tell me things they might not have mentioned in a visit for an illness like an upper respiratory infection. During wellness visits, patients have told me about bothersome urinary incontinence and troublesome hearing loss. I have been surprised to learn that some patients do not have carbon monoxide detectors at home or have started smoking again. I have learned of patients who are experiencing problems with balance or mobility, leading me to refer them to physical therapy for exercises to prevent falls or possibly for evaluation for a device to help them walk more safely. I have recommended to some patients that they get medical alert devices, and encouraged others to think about with whom and where they would want to live if their health declined.Many of these issues may not have come up without the time allotted by the annual wellness exam and the prescriptive nudges embedded in it that help me think about my patients’ physical function, social support, and quality of life.My experience with Medicare’s annual wellness exam has been extremely favorable. I think my patients feel the same way. They often tell me at the end of the exam that they feel well cared for and that they are “very pleased” with the visit. In a recent First Opinion article, Dr. Ishani Ganguli notes that Medicare annual wellness exams are driven more by doctors offering these visits than by patients asking for them. It’s true that none of my patients scheduled an appointment with me specifically for a “Medicare annual wellness exam,” though some of them came in saying that they were there for a physical. None complained about receiving an annual wellness exam, although a few felt burdened about completing the health risk assessment form that is required as part of these exams.Unlike Dr. Ganguli, I’m not conflicted about the value of Medicare’s annual wellness visits. Instead, I believe they are a move in the right direction. They let me think about the care of my older patients in a comprehensive manner, rather than struggling to manage each of their health issues compartmentally.To be sure, Medicare’s free annual wellness visits should be evaluated in order to learn which parts of them work and which don’t. That way we can improve these visits and design systems to support them. Equally important, we should find ways to increase awareness about them among patients and physicians so more older adults have a chance to experience these visits and receive the best care possible.Mara A. Schonberg, M.D., is a primary care physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Once breast cancer is detected, nearly all older women undergo treatment for it. Yet there are risks associated with treatment. For these reasons, the American Cancer Society and other organizations recommend that older women who expect to live fewer than 10 more years not have screening mammograms. The rationale is that these women are unlikely to live longer as a result of being screened and that screening puts them at risk for experiencing harms related to the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer. Mara Schonberg Does Medicare’s free annual wellness visit do any good? By Mara Schonberg June 23, 2017 Reprints In my work as a primary care physician, time is a precious commodity. I rarely have enough of it in office visits with my patients. That’s one reason I’m all in favor of Medicare’s free annual wellness visits, though I know that other physicians feel differently about them.I began performing these exams with my older patients when Medicare began covering them in 2011. They afford me much-needed time to counsel my older patients about the potential benefits and risks of the ever-increasing number of preventive health measures available to them. I don’t simply check off whether a patient is up to date with his or her colonoscopy or other screening tests. (Screening means checking a seemingly healthy person for signs of hidden disease.) Instead, I use this time to talk with my patients about their overall health and goals so I can offer recommendations about their care that are in line with their values and preferences.There is a delay — sometimes a long one — between having a screening test and possibly benefiting from it. Patients must decide if they want to undergo a test today that may have some immediate risks to detect a disease that could cause them harm in the future but may never do that. For example, an older woman who has a mammogram today may be diagnosed with a small breast cancer. For many of them, this cancer is unlikely to have caused any harm for a number of years and may, in fact, never harm them.advertisement Tags agingcancerMedicarewellness @Mara_Schonberg Related: About the Author Reprints APStock Explaining the nuances of screening and the sometimes difficult-to-understand balance of benefits and risks isn’t easy to do in a minute or so. The Medicare annual wellness exam gives me time to discuss and individualize the benefits and risks of screening for breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer based on the patient’s risk, life expectancy, and preferences. The visit also gives me time to provide individualized recommendations about the use of aspirin and statin medications for primary prevention of heart disease. Without the annual wellness visit, I would have limited opportunity to engage my older patients in these preference-based decisions.advertisementlast_img read more

NWS: Today’s High Near 36; Tonight’s Low Around 23

first_imgThe National Weather Service forecasts today’s high in Los Alamos near 36 and an 80 percent chance of snow showers before noon, then rain and snow showers with new snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible. Tonight’s low around 23 and a 60 percent chance of snow showers likely with new snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible. Courtesy/NWSlast_img

10 Steps to accelerate BIM

first_imgMuch has already been written about the benefits of BIM and the desirability of using it for a wide range of projects and clients. How can we accelerate the achievement of BIM at Level 2, while providing good foundations for progressing to Level 3 and beyond? Based on our experiences at IBM and discussions with major contractors and clients the following are needed:1.        Collaboration – solutions need to be developed which break-down organisational boundaries to information transfer and enable team-based work (as Richard Saxon’s recent posting) and overcome the restrictions arising from certain procurement and contracting rules contained in some current public contracts (as identified by Mark Bew).  2.        Federation – the ability to access, share and consume data needs to be independent of the format of the documents. Further this information needs to be structured and easy to find.3.        Cloud based and mobile access – data needs to be accessible from anywhere on a wide variety of devices to meet the needs of professionals, whether in the office or out on site and be as device inter-operable as possible.4.        Learning – we need to draw lessons from previous experience in other industries such as aviation and automotive that have used digital methods to guide design and product development for much longer than we have with buildings.5.        Appropriate information – the support and information given needs to be appropriate to the building life-cycle stage whether that is at a point in construction or when the building is in use. To encourage “soft-landings” information requirements need to be identified up-front. This is an example of where we can learn from a systems engineering approach to requirements management, verification and validation.6.        Analytic tools – should be available to add value to the information contained and help to optimise decisions based on it.7.        Up-front investment – needs to be minimised to reduce the strain on budgets and to link the use of the tool to the value derived from it.8.        Clear process – new tramlines are needed to guide the flow of our work at each stage and the technology needs to be able to support and streamline this.9.        New legal constructs – this links to the first point. These should take into account issues of intellectual property and liability. This will be needed as we move from federation of individual models to collaborative working on the same model.10.        Human dimension – the needs of us as individuals to be able to access training and to be helped through the inevitable concerns and changes in working practices should be catered for.With this in mind, we see a widely supported industry platform for BIM as the way forward. Rather than being developed in isolation this should be created with the active participation of the industry and the world of technology focusing in particular on those areas and issues that will generate the most benefit.If we can achieve a wide coalition then we really can make a step change in the way in which BIM is being rolled-out and stand a much better chance of reaping the supply chain-wide and building lifecycle-long efficiencies that BIM enables.Trevor Miles is the smarter buildings, real estate and facilities management consulting lead at IBM Global Business Services, UK and Irelandlast_img read more

Preview: Full Breakdown Of Olmsted Falls At Avon Lake In Rematch Of Classic Week 9 Encounter

first_img Vince McKee Related TopicsAvon LakeJack MikolichJack SpellacyKonnor RiggsNick DailyOHSAAOlmsted FallsOlmsted Falls SponsorSWC This Friday night it is a rematch of the week nine classic between the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs and Avon Lake Shoremen. Their last matchup ended in thrilling fashion as the Bulldogs gave the Shoremen their only loss of the season, 34-31, in Olmsted Falls on a cold and rainy night.Each team comes into this contest with a loaded roster and their eyes on the prize. For the last several years the SWC has been dominated by Avon with both of these schools slightly behind them. Those days are now done as both schools played excellent football this season.  They have both shown they can score with any other team on the field, and the Avon Lake Shoremen defense is one of the best in the SWC.While the Bulldog defense has had a few lapses, most notably against Avon and Berea-Midpark, no one can forget their utter domination of the Amherst Comets.  That game against Amherst was a wake up call for the rest of the SWC that the Bulldogs can play lights out.  They must remain penalty free and injury free, two obstacles that crept up to bite them in their two losses.Avon Lake had their turning point week three when they handed the Avon Eagles their first regular season defeat in years with a thrilling come from behind, last second, ultra-dramatic 31-28 victory. It was a two-minute drill straight out of the pages of Joe Montana and John Elway as quarterback Jack Mikolich showed championship poise leading his team to the promise land.For Mikolich, that was just the writing on the wall for what has become a dream season as a starter. He is a two-time Jenny’s Popcorn Player of the Week. While a lot of the attention goes to (and very well deserved) running back Konnor Riggs, Mikolich has put everyone on notice that he is a serious threat as well.Mikolich is mobile, and while they may not call a lot of direct running plays for him, he has no issues scrambling and throwing on the run. He is big, hard to bring down and has a rocket arm. In the early part of the season the majority of the routes were to the outside, but as of late, he has had no issues throwing over the middle. As proven in his scorching performance of the Berea-Midpark Titans secondary.It also cannot be ignored that several times in big moments on the goal line, most notably against Olmsted Falls and Avon, it was Mikolich who got the call to pound it in for the pivotal score.Mikolich has some serious weapons around him to make his job easier each week as well. As mentioned, Konnor Riggs is one of the top five backs in the SWC. He is fast, strong and never goes down on the first tackle attempt. He did some incredible offseason work last summer to come back bigger and stronger then ever this season. Riggs averages over 100 yards a game and can single handily take a game over.Big target weapons for Mikolich in the passing game consist of a quad of deadly threats. Speed demons Creed Bolognia, Luke Fedders, Cole Schraff and Nathan Sidloski had no issues getting wide open down field all season. Fedders also plays lights out defense alongside Matt Sanders and is their best two-way player.Mikolich had a connection on the sidelines deep down the field to Bolognia in their last matchup against the Bulldogs, which was easily one of the nicest passes I saw thrown all season. It was the kind of pass on the sidelines that was perfectly placed in a spot only the receiver can catch it. The type of pass you see thrown on the pro level. The Shoremen marched it in for a touchdown shortly after that big pass. At the time, it was crucial and almost won them the game.Not to be forgotten about in the relentless Shoremen attack is a talented class of backups that also make big play after big play when they get inserted into the game in key moments. Names such as sophomore wide receiver Gabe Labianca is not to be taken lightly. Same with running back Ryan McCrum who had a career night against Berea-Midpark as well. The Bulldogs will also be wise to keep their eyes on fullback Griffin Lidyard who is no stranger to touching the ball at the goal line.Head coach Matthew Kostelnik has done a masterful job in only his second year at the helm. He is humble and is willing to work hard. He may be a player’s coach at times, but he has no problems running them hard when they need it. The Shoremen future is very bright with this young man in charge.So, with all this talent, great coaching and what seems to be unlimited potential to get better each week, how did they ever lose a game? Simple, week nine, the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs had their number. The Bulldogs were on a mission that evening, and dare I say, no team in the state would have beat them. We spoke about the big pass Jack Mikolich made in the game, but it was also two key interceptions tossed by the quarterback that sealed it for the Bulldogs.The first coming in the opening quarter as the Shoremen had the ball, up 7-0 and looking for more. Mikolich cocked back and launched one 40 yards down the field, only to be picked off at the four yard line.  The Bulldogs proceeded to march it 96 yards and score. Then, in the closing moments of the fourth quarter with Mikolich trying to engineer another last second game winning drive, the Bulldogs picked him off again to put the game away.Mikolich was getting tossed around and threw it up for grabs when defensive back Braden Galaska picked it off. Galaska also had some monster hits in the game to break up several other passes stopping promising Shoremen drives.Helping the Bulldogs to an 8-2 season was one of the most impressive running attacks in the history of SWC football. It was a three headed monster, complete with a mobile quarterback that made it even more dangerous.The lead back is the powerful and quick Jack Spellacy. The senior tailback is 5’9 and 180 pounds of pure dynamite. Watching him play is a thing of beauty because he bulldozes over linebackers and linemen who appear to be twice his size. His game winning touchdown on fourth and long against Avon Lake came on a sweep, but most of the damage he does is blasting it up the gut and then speeding past diving safety’s.Spellacy put on a clinic for the age’s week seven against Berea-Midpark as he scored six touchdowns and ran for 400 yards on the road. Shockingly, even with that kind of performance it was one of their only two losses all season.Lining up with Spellacy in the backfield is the lightening quick Michael Howard. When Howard can find the edge, the opposing defense is in serious trouble. Much like Spellacy, when he gets in the open field, there is no catching him. As proven on several long kickoff returns by Howard as well.The third leg of their tailback rushing attack is Nick Daily. Now he may not get as many carries as Howard and Spellacy, but he sure makes them count when he does. He is another back who is very hard to take down and can make you pay once he gets to the second level.What also makes Daily special is that he plays lights out defense when inserted as linebacker. Daily is never far from the ball and ready to make any big hit that comes his way.As if three running backs who could take it to the house at anytime aren’t hard enough to deal with, truly putting the Bulldog offense over the top is their extremely mobile quarterback Teddy Grendzynski. He runs the option to perfection most nights and doesn’t hesitate with the ball, a key in running this style of attack.He has also shown he is not afraid to throw the ball when needed as well. His favorite target is Braden Galaska who has no problem breaking free from any coverage. Galaska hauled in three touchdown passes last week against North Olmsted. Galaska is the read deal and up there with Garrett Waite and Dwayne Holland as some of the top receiving threats in the OHSAA.Last time around it was the courage and confidence of Olmsted Falls head coach Tom DeLuca going for it on fourth and long on his own 36 with under five minutes to play. It paid off as Spellacy took it 64 yards and the Bulldogs would hold onto the lead from there. What drama will unfold this time as the two teams collide Friday night in Avon Lake.For Avon Lake to win they need to do the exact same thing they did nine other times this season.  Play great defense, and take advantage of the openings they get on offense.  If the Bulldogs stack the box, then Mikolich needs to light it up and keep them honest.  This is the first playoff game for Kostelnik as head coach of the Shoremen, will he be nervous, or will he show the nerves of steel he has all season?  Time will tell but if the Avon Lake defense shows up, it may be a long night for Olmsted Falls.As for the Bulldogs, what do they need to do to win?  Simple, play penalty free football and do not shoot themselves in the foot.  Too many penalties and mistakes cost them big against Berea-Midpark and Avon.  They need to play mistake free football to have any chance at knocking off Avon Lake again.  With a playoff tested roster and head coach, I don’t doubt for a single second that they can.Two great coaches, two great schools, a rematch of a classic game.  It doesn’t get much better then this!You can follow Vince McKee on twitter at @VinceTheAuthorNEO Sports Insiders is in need of a winter sports sponsor for both Olmsted Falls and Avon Lake schools. If you’re small business would benefit, please contact Vince McKee at [email protected] to learn more. last_img read more

Neil Lennon surprised by lack of bids for midfielder McGinn

first_imgThe English transfer window slams shut at 5pm on Thursday and Lennon, speaking after their 3-0 victory over Motherwell, is bracing himself for interest ahead of their Europa tie against Molde the same evening.Lennon said:”The only concrete bid we have had is from Celtic and that hasn’t met our valuation.”“I would be amazed if we didn’t get more offers in for him. “He is outstanding, he is at the peak of his powers, and he has handled the situation brilliantly. Hibernian head coach Neil Lennon is surprised more suitors have not emerged for John McGinn.Blackburn and Brighton have reported to have been interested in the midfielder but so far only Celtic have bid for the 23-year-old.The Edinburgh club have rejected three offers from the Scottish Champions and Lennon has compared the situation to that of Virgil Van Dijk’s. The former Celtic boss was shocked that no-one had bid for the Dutch defender when he brought him to Parkhead in 2013. Five years later Van Dijk moved to Liverpool in a £75million deal after a successful spell at Southampton. “That speaks volumes, not only of the player he is, but the personality as well because it can’t be easy for him. He was outstanding again.“But he has a value. It’s a bit like Van Dijk’s situation, I couldn’t understand why no-one took a punt on him earlier.“He is one of the best I have worked with in terms of what he brings to the team and his influence. If he does go, he will leave a huge hole. But whether he is here on Thursday or not, it’s going to be a fraught couple of days.”Stevie Mallan, Oli Shaw and Martin Boyle were on target for Hibs, who were without Florian Kamberi and Darren McGregor following their exploits in Thursday’s 1-1 draw with Asteras Tripolis in Greece.Lennon admitted he did not know whether each player would recover from knee complaints in time for the visit of the Norwegian side.Meanwhile, Motherwell boss Stephen Robinson hit out at Bobby Madden’s decision to penalise Peter Hartley for handball, which allowed Mallan to convert a 30th-minute free-kick.“I thought we contained them well and an incredible decision changes the course of the game,” Robinson said. “I’m not saying we lost because of that but it certainly changes the course of the game.“To get a yellow card for deliberate handball when you are turning your back and it hits you on your elbow, a crazy decision.”Cedric Kipre watched from the stand 48 hours after moving to Wigan and Robinson vowed to replace the defender this week.“I have to add, I have only got two fit (central) defenders, and when I say fit, Peter Hartley is still getting back and we have thrown him in,” he said. “I thought he did well.“Liam Donnelly had an exceptional league debut. I have to get another defender in by next week.”last_img read more

Do Unlimited Data Plans Really Matter?

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … dan rowinski Tags:#mobile#web A Sprint executive said this morning that the company plans on keeping unlimited data plans as an option for consumers. Sprint sees unlimited data as a differentiator from AT&T and Verizon and is inline with the moral high ground that it has been trying to take in regards to the prospective AT&T takeover of T-Mobile. As good as unlimited data sounds in an advertisement, does it really matter?At this point, “unlimited data” is a clever marketing ploy. Carriers are constantly learning how to upgrade their networks to handle data convergence better and then offload data use to local broadband networks. At the same time, the average consumer does not use as much data as they think. So, Sprint, it is great to keep your data options open (no throttling, no cap), but how much of this really means anything anymore?See Also:AT&T Buying T-Mobile for $39 Billion“Brazenly Anticompetitive”: Sprint Sues to Stop AT&T From Gobbling Up T-MobileAT&T + T-Mobile – The DOJ’s Case for Almost-Not-Quite-Price-FixingLawmakers Take Their First Whack at AT&T/T-Mobile MergerCan AT&T Grab T-Mobile Plus Qualcomm’s 700 MHz Spectrum?Speaking at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco, Sprint CTO Stephen Bye acknowledged that the carrier would indeed keep its network uncapped. According to CNET, Bye said that there are hidden costs with customer care and “support related to tiered data plans” that offsets the benefit reining in users data use.Verizon and AT&T are both throttling users in addition to various tiered data plans. T-Mobile is throttling users after a set data threshold. Sprint is the standout from that trend and to a certain extent it will cost them dollars on their margins. The company hopes that the marketing program associated with unlimited data will offset what they lose on the margins by adding new users. Sprint’s network is in a state of flux. It owns a significant portion of WiMax provider Clearwire and it needs a significant upgrade to its 3G network infrastructure. One of the reasons that Sprint went with Clearwire in the first place was to offset data along its 3G network. There is hope for a significant network infrastructure boost through its partnership with bandwidth wholesaler Lightsquared to create an LTE “4G” network, but that is going to take time to build and implement, let alone add a significant number of devices offered through the carrier that will support LTE. The CEOs of Verizon (Dan Mead), Sprint (Dan Hesse) and AT&T (Ralph de la Vega) on stage with Jim Cramer at CTIA in Orlando this spring.Really what it comes down to is that Sprint has to scratch and claw its way to keep abreast with Verizon and AT&T. Watch how CEO Dan Hesse rails against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and you understand the position that Sprint is in trying to compete. According to CNET, Bye acknowledged that the company is under pressure to keep its network open and free vis-à-vis the competition. Unlimited Data: Worth the Cost?When AT&T announced its data throttling, it said that it will only affect the top 5% of users. At the time, the guess was that a user will bump against that threshold near 2.5 GB of data used per month. The fact of the matter is that most users will never reach 2.5 GB a month. Sprint’s margins do well by offering unlimited data for a flat rate and then users not actually using enough data to justify the plan. Granted, those margins are then in turn offset by the heaviest users, but not by that much. I have rarely met a person who exceeds 3 GB of data used on a device per month (let us know in the comments if you are one of those people and how you use your phone to consume data). Sprint is known for its posturing and pushing the limits of acceptable marketing practices. It was the first to rollout a “4G” network with WiMax, but the fact of the matter is that WiMax is not “4G” but rather an “advanced 3G” network that Sprint is allowed to market as 4G because it is considered a precursor to actual 4G. Confused yet? AT&T does the same thing with its HSPA+ network, which is also not technically 4G. Unlimited data falls into the same marketing category. Sprint will no doubt be able to get some politicians and federal regulators to buy up their marketing magic when it comes to the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition, but the fact of the matter is that Sprint’s network is in no better shape than AT&T’s.Will it stop Sprint executives and their marketing department from touting their supposed benefits over those from their competitors? Certainly not. But, digging through Sprint’s claims, we know that they are not as altruistic as they would have us believe. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Considerations when tuning your Intel Xeon Processor 5500 series based server?

first_imgThis blog post is meant to discuss some of the considerations for performance tuning your Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 (“Nehalem-EP”) series based server. I’d like to do this by discussing the un-boxing process.Step 1. Place the box on the floorStep 2. Open the boxStep 3. Carefully remove the server.Step 4. Plug the server into a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.Step 5. Plug the server into the wall socket.Step 6. Power on the server.There. You are done tuning your Nehalem-EP based server for performance. “Really?” you ask? Well mostly. There are some considerations and I’ll discuss them. I can speak to this subject as I was asked to tune this class of system using the TPC-Cand TPC-Ebenchmarks.BIOS / Firmware / DriversIt is very important to remember to update your system’s BIOS, firmware, and OS drivers before you do any deep performance tuning. I cannot over state the importance of this step. Your system’s manufacturer should be able to provide the latest BIOS and firmware associated with your server. OS drivers are available through many sources these days. Typically these can be downloaded from OS vendors, hardware vendors, from the Linux open source community, or the platform’s manufacturer.A good example of this is the SATA driver associated with the ICH10. The ICH10 is part of the chipset that supports Nehalem-EP. I recommend going to Intel’s website and using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver for the SATA controller.Understand your systemLast year, Nehalem launched for the desktop market segment. Now it is time for the server market. The Nehalem-EP processor is meant to be used in dual processor (DP) socket systems. Nehalem-EP is the follow on to the Intel Xeon Processor 5400 (“Harpertown”) series. However, Nehalem-EP is really very different from Harpertown. The Nehalem-EP processor is based on the Intel Core i7. The Nehalem-EP processor inherits the same architectural features as the Intel Core i7. Once you understand these features, then you can better tune your system for performance. L3 Cache:Nehalem-EP uses a level 3 cache. Depending on which SKU you are using it can be 4MB or 8MB in size. If you are interested in performance, then I would encourage you to pick the larger cache size SKU. Hyper Threading Technology:If some threads is good then more threads is better. This is where Hyper threading technologycomes in to play. Nehalem-EP provides this technology out of the box. So, on a typical DP server this will give your system 16 threads of processing goodness.Intel Quick Path Interconnect:Nehalem-EP supports a CPU interconnect known as Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI). This interconnect is the replacement for the Front Side Bus of old. QPI provides a point to point link to each of the processors and the Intel X58 chipset. The Nehalem-EP supports QPI speeds of up to 6.4GT/s. This provides a theoretical bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s. This is a welcome shift for Intel’s designs for the future.Turbo Boost Technology:As with the desktop SKUs of Nehalem, the Nehalem-EP supports Turbo Boost technology. This technology will run the CPU at a higher frequency than its rating. It will increase the frequency in steps of 133MHz until it achieves its upper thermal and electrical design requirements. Turbo Boost Technology is dynamic. In other words, the processor will decrease its core frequency if the temperature is too high. If your application is sensitive to core frequency changes and does not fully utilize all cores, then it may benefit from this technology.Integrated Memory Controller:Another key feature of Nehalem based processors is that they have the memory controller integrated into the processor. This allows for much lower memory latencies. The Nehalem-EP supports three channels of DDR3 memory. It is important to talk about DDR3 memory and population on Nehalem-EP based servers. As mentioned before Nehalem-EP supports three channels of memory and supports 800, 1067, and 1333 MT/s memory speeds. Those speeds are dependent on how many channels are populated with DIMMs. For instance, 1333 MT/s is supported in a single DIMM per channel configuration. 1067MT/s is supported in a single DIMM per channel and two DIMMs per channel configuration. 800MT/s is supported in all configurations. These speeds are based on dual ranked DIMMs. If you plan on filling up all the memory slots with as many DIMMS as possible you will end up running at 800MT/s. So, here is the consideration. Does your application need all that memory or could it use less memory running at a higher speed? If the answer is yes to the latter, then perhaps running two DIMMS per channel at 1067 MT/s is the best configuration.To wrap things up here, we have looked at the new and Nehalem architecture, the importance of BIOS/ firmware/ OS drivers, and memory population. Your application’s performance will vary, but I hope I have given you some things to narrow down your performance testing. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. For more great performance methodology tips please check out Shannon Cepeda’s blogposts on performance tuning.last_img read more

5 Technical Tips for Improving SEO

first_img Video: Marketing Analytics 101: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website is available if you would like to learn more.  . How fast do your pages load? What can you do to increase the speed of your web pages? Google recently added Providing your audience with to learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website. to Webmaster Tools. This tool lets you view your page load time and compare it against average page load times across the web. Fast loading pages may have a positive effect on how quickly and often your site is crawled and indexed. Users expect a fast web browsing experience and pages that load fast are likely to earn more retweets, links and sharing than slower pages. Begin using Site Performance Learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website. Feedburner HubSpot thank you page Feedburner setup Download the free video 4. RSS & Feedburner web page speed optimizer tool The design and navigation should mirror the rest of your site. compelling calls to action (Really Simple Syndication) is the best way to broadcast your blog, video or other web content across the internet. Visitors who use an RSS Reader can subscribe to a feed of your content. Once subscribed, users get new articles sent to their RSS reader. This makes it easy for the user to follow multiple blogs without needing to navigate back to your blog or web site each time. Additonal Shaun’s Bio Include links to related content, (blog, social media sites, etc) Topics: 5. Flash crawl flash content setup. Producing compelling content is only half the battle. Making it easy for Google to crawl and index your content is equally important. In today’s post we will look at five technical best practices for improving the crawlability of your web site. Originally published Apr 15, 2010 1:30:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 advanced web master is a web feed management tool that provides custom RSS feeds to content producers. If your host your blog on WordPress you should setup a Feedburner account to track subscribers and collect data. You can track the number of RSS & email subscribers to your blog each day. Learn more about 1. Page Load Timecenter_img Google prefers text based content that is regularly updated. Focus your efforts on creating compelling content. If your site is already using Flash, work with your design team to find a way to include more text based content in your next web site redesign. 3. Custom Thank You Pages 2. Optimizing Images for the Web Optimization of the images on your site can lead to faster loading pages and a better user experience. Not only that, but optimized images cut down on wasted bandwidth on servers and speed up the load time of your site. All of this could lead to visitors spending more time on your site, viewing more pages. This announcement by Google was a step in the right direction, but B2B websites should still use Flash sparingly. You should be striving to make it as easy as possible for Google to crawl and index your content and it’s simply not as easy for Google to crawl content within Flash elements. There are many reasons to create text based content instead of Flash, including: today or try the There has been a lot of debate about Flash and if it’s search engine friendly or not. In 2008, Google came out and said they had made it easier for GoogleBot (Google’s web crawler) to This article is written by Shaun Pinney, a member of our consultant team at HubSpot. Check out DanieVDM . Thank the user for filling out the form and let them know when they can expect a response. Often Flash content is only linked to from other Flash based content. Inbound links and internal links may not be fully counted and given credit for. This is a major issue, as Google values a majority of your sites authority on the quality and quantity of inbound links. is the key to turning qualified traffic into leads. Marketers spend a lot of time crafting offers and building landing pages, custom thank you pages are just as important. Here are some best practices to get you started with your own thank you pages. Site Performance Website Design and get started tracking your feed. Photo Credit: This is the second in a two part series on JPEG and GIF are two common file types used on the web. JPEG’s are typically reserved for photos and GIF’s are for graphics. If you have access to PhotoShop, you can quickly edit images and graphics. Adjust the file size and the number of colors of the image. Be sure to limit the file size without downgrading the photo quality. It’s better to load a slightly larger image than one that is smaller in size but blurry. Example of a RSS education . With Flash, basic Search Engine Optimization elements are often missing (H1 tags, anchor text, image alt tags & title tags)  . RSS Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Player Please! – “Foursquare Cops” Web Series [Episode 2]

center_img to learn how to use online video to grow your business with inbound marketing. KylePaice Episode #2: “Player Please!” subscribe to our YouTube page natehinchey How do you get started with YouTube, video podcasting, live streaming, or viral videos? @ Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Foursquare Foursquare Cops ryanfarnan Webinar: How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing Download the free webinarlast_img