A Woman Tries to Order a Starbucks Drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, Then Fights With the Employee

first_imgA woman in Fort Walton Beach, Florida went through a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru on Tuesday morning and ordered herself an iced coffee drink.We don’t know exactly what she asked for, but we do know that Dunkin’ Donuts couldn’t give it to her . . . because it was a STARBUCKS drink.  So probably a Frappuccino or something.The manager told her they couldn’t make the drink . . . they got into an argument . . . and he wound up giving her a different drink instead.Well . . . that made her so mad she stormed into the store, cursed him out, and THREW the drink at the cash register.By the time the cops got there, the woman was gone . . . but they’re investigating, and she could be facing charges.last_img

Zolani Mahola: the face of fresh

first_img15 May 2007Singer Zolani Mahola has been a busy woman of late. “Doo Be Doo”, the chart-busting track that charmed millions of South Africans, has also propelled her band Freshlyground into the international arena. Freshlyground was the opening act for UK pop star Robbie Williams’ South African tour in 2006. They followed that up by giving the world a foretaste of the 2010 South African vibe at the Fifa World Cup closing ceremony in Germany, before scooping the 2006 MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act.Earlier this year they were chosen by the South African government to perform at the unveiling of Parliament’s new logo.In between, they’ve been doing gigs for their loyal local fans and travelling the world from Joburg to Japan, getting their passports stamped in Belgium, France, Zimbabwe, Holland, Italy, Mozambique, Germany, Namibia and Mauritius along the way. Phew!As to why the band is such a hit with the global audience, Mahola remains modest.“I think that it is the same reason non-South Africans have fallen in love with Bongo Maffin, Johnny Clegg, Bayethe and Simphiwe Dana, to name only a few. There is life in our music! There is a depth of feeling in the expression, a certain joy that many other cultures have perhaps lost.”Freshlyground’s sound is distinctively southern African, yet defies classification, combining elements of kwela, folk, jazz, indie rock and Afro pop. Its eclectic nature gives their music broad appeal, enabling them to cross cultural boundaries.Rainbow bandThe way the band members, coming from contrasting musical and racial backgrounds, seem to blend so effortlessly has also caught the attention of the international media. Both Time magazine and The Washington Post have labelled Freshlyground the personification of South Africa’s “rainbow nation” ideal.While that may seem like a lot of pressure to put on the performers, Mahola takes it in her stride.“It is something to be proud of, for sure, although it also feels very normal,” she says. “It feels to me like people should be in harmony with each other. We don’t have to all be friends, but I think there is a basic humanity we all share that is unlearned as we grow up. The illusion of separatism is a human construct, I think … Of course we are different, but that difference is something to celebrate; not to use to keep us apart.”Each of the band members – who hail from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe – contributes something different to the sound. The Eastern Cape’s Mahola attributes her own musical style to the traditional Xhosa ceremonies she took part in.“There is a lot of theatre and music involved in many if not all of the rituals,” she explains. “I try to bring a celebratory quality to my style of singing and to the lyrics, of course.”Township girlBorn in Port Elizabeth on 19 July 1981, Zolani Mahola was raised in the townships of Kwazakhele and New Brighton. She believes it is the heart of the people that is the Eastern Cape’s most valuable asset.Some of her favourite memories are of childhood Christmases, “. family coming to PE [Port Elizabeth] from all over the country, all the kids in the family playing together. I remember being taken to the beach around those times, braais, Happy Valley … fun times.”Mahola first attended Kama Primary and later St Dominic’s Priory and Trinity High School. It was at Trinity that she first got involved with a drama group and realized that “being onstage was a very comfortable and energizing space”.Her road to success, Mahola says, “started with someone having faith in me, which gave me the courage to believe I stood a chance in this field. That first someone was my drama teacher Isobel van der Linde.”Given new confidence and a firm foundation in her performance art, she left Port Elizabeth to study drama at the University of Cape Town.It was as an actress that many South Africans first got to know Mahola. She starred in the series Tsha Tsha as Boniswa, a character from rural Peddie in the Amathole district.“I really enjoyed playing that character because she was so strong and self aware,” Mahola says. “She was a good example to girls and young women growing up in an environment that often does not give value to their emotional well-being or to their dreams. She was able to show girls around the country that actually it is possible and necessary to put themselves first, whether it be in terms of a sexual relationship, career-wise or even in a family setting.”The role of Boniswa also drew on her own experiences. “There is a certain strength or toughness in the personality of the character which I think that perhaps most township girls share.”Despite losing her mother at a very young age, Mahola had an excellent role model in her father.Personal, universal“My father did the best he could under very difficult circumstances. I love him. Nomvula (the title track from Freshlyground’s current album) is indeed a tribute … It is a ‘thank you’ to the people who brought me into this world. That said, I think it is a universal song, even though it contains very specific details about my life. There is something in the mood of the song that people really connect with, regardless of whether they speak isiXhosa or not.”Sung in isiXhosa and English, the lyrics of Mahola’s songs range from catchy, upbeat and fluffy to introspective and sad, but they are always relevant to people’s lives. Zithande, for example, tackles relationships and HIV/Aids. And it’s something that Mahola feels very strongly about.“It hurts that people are disappearing. It hurts that kids cant be kids any more in many situations … that they have to take on and see things that no child should be exposed to. It hurts that a woman can be faithful all her life and be infected by a husband who has multiple partners.“A lot of it is sore,” says Mahola, “but I believe that people are becoming more aware, and with the greater availability of anti-retroviral medication, we can only hope for the best. The Treatment Action Campaign is one organisation that has done a lot of work on destigmatising HIV/Aids, on gender relations and on challenging government to make treatment more available to our people.South African realities“It is important that all of us get involved, from government to businesses to the entertainment industry to mothers taking care of children orphaned because their parents were infected and died.”The reality of South Africa, its sorrows as well as its joys, infuses the music of Freshlyground – and that is what has earned the musicians their adoring fanbase.“I take a lot from people,” Mahola says. “As Brenda [Fassie] once sang, umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, we learn humanity from those around us, they help to make us real in a way.” The band is working hard on recording material for a new album, due out in September. In line with their plans to release internationally, Freshlyground has signed with Sony BMG Africa.This article was first published in Eastern Cape Madiba Action, winter 2007 edition. Republished here with kind permission of the author.last_img read more

Drumming up support for Play Your Part

first_imgPlay Your Part partners Brand SA CEO Miller Matola, and CEO of Heartlines Garth Japhet at the Play Your Part breakfast meeting, held in Sandhurst, Johannesburg recently. (Image: Nosimilo Ramela)Brand SA introduced its latest campaign, Play Your Part, to representatives of government departments, business and NGOs at a recent breakfast meeting in Sandhurst, Johannesburg.The campaign encourages South Africans to do whatever they can, no matter how big or small the contribution, to create a better country. It also aims to connect and celebrate citizens who are already playing their part and making an impact in their communities.Speaking at the breakfast meeting on 17 August 2011, Brand SA CEO Miller Matola said: “Play Your Part is a national movement for social change, contributing to social cohesion and national unity.”The Brand SA has collaborated with Forgood, an online social network with a humanitarian focus, to create a facility whereby willing South Africans can connect with each other to share stories about the work they are doing, exchange ideas for projects and secure resources.“There are amazing people doing amazing things every day, everywhere in our country, this is a platform for them to share their stories, and to celebrate great stories,” said CEO of Heartlines Garth Japhet.The online resource gives information to people who are keen on doing something in their respective areas, but do not know how to go about it.“Play Your Part will help connect people who are interested in the same things. It will also connect them with the opportunities they are looking for,” he said.Japhet added that the Play Your Part site, powered by Forgood, will also provide regular news updates and list events taking places various communities.Play Your Part enables users to create their own profiles, join the campaign and start making a difference.Business joins inFinancial Times CEO Rochelle Josiah said her publication endorses the initiative and would be playing its part through some of its own projects.Michelle Gerszt, marketing executive of the Smile Foundation, spoke about how her NGO is playing its part by helping children with facial abnormalities access free corrective plastic and reconstructive surgery.“We help children with abnormalities such as cleft lips and palates, burn victims, those with facial paralysis and other conditions. The medical staff who work with us all work for free: they volunteer their time to help our young patients. They are playing their part in changing the lives of young people and their parents.”Gerszt said her organisation is proud to be part of the Play Your Part initiative as it promotes the same values as the foundation. “The work we do brings people together for the purpose of making a difference in the lives of those in need.”She added that the Smile Foundation had a skills development programme in place to equip medical teams with the necessary techniques and knowledge.“Instead of bringing in specialists from other countries, we have our own doctors and nurses trained and skilled to perform these complex surgeries. We are investing in the medical teams we work with and we support the public hospitals we work in by purchasing equipment that can be used by the departments of plastic and reconstructive surgery.”Pieter Pretorius, general manager for the country’s power utility Eskom, said his company’s 49m initiative was also making a difference in South Africa.“We are proud to be associated with the Brand SA’s Play Your Part. The campaign speaks to the same ideas as our project: 49m is about mobilising people to play their part in building a better future for South Africa. We want to encourage people to reduce their consumption of electricity, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.”Pretorius added that people can make small changes like remembering to switch off any lights or appliances that are not in use. “It’s not about sacrificing, but rather about being considerate. The power we save today is the power we’ll need tomorrow to light our rooms, watch our televisions and boil our kettles.”Government adds its supportZeng Msimang, director of strategy and content for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, said the Play Your Part campaign has helped the government raise funds to provide famine relief to Somalia.She added that although the initiative is a local one, the department would promote it across all countries it works in.“For us Play Your Part is about being patriotic and it starts with our diplomats. We want it to start internally with the way we treat and behave towards each other.”last_img read more

The 85 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit

first_imgcharles knight altsearchengine 1 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Back in February, I came across a Kronus 55 piece Home Repair Tool Kit in a Radio Shack ad – all for just $29.99. This inspired me to assemble the first ever 55 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit here on Read/WriteWeb; and my Tool Kit was absolutely free!Well, it happened again. Walking through the local Sears store, there right in front of me was the Companion 85 piece Auto Repair Tool Kit! And the price? Also $29.99! What a country! Well, I knew what I had to do. I threw my new Tool Kit in the car and headed back to my home office.I then dusted off the 55 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit and neatly arranged 30 more of the latest Mobile Search-Related sites, which I have been collecting for the past six weeks. If Mobile is going to be “the Next Big Thing”, you’re going to need all the tools you can get in order to be prepared for every eventuality.The result: the brand new 85 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit! You will want to bookmark this Tool Kit, put it in your Favorites, print it out, or save the attached Excel spreadsheet to your computer. These 85 websites will come in very handy, if you have anything at all to do with the Mobile Web this year.This Tool Kit replace the one that you may already have. The 85 pieces here include all of the original 55 pieces, plus 30 new ones – so all you need is right here. Tags:#search#web center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts last_img read more

The State of E-commerce in Canada

first_imgCompared to the United States and some other countries around the world, Canadian shoppers have been slower to adopt online shopping. As of 2013 (the most recent year of verified statistics), only 13 percent of Canadian businesses were selling online. But other statistics show that Canadians are more than willing to adopt e-commerce. Projections show that 10 percent of all Canadian retail spending will be online in 2019, up from 6 percent from 2014. This is almost the equivalent to the 11 percent predicted for the United States.The challenges in growing e-commerce in Canada are no different than in most other countries:E-commerce retailers are held to a higher standard. Retail consumer trends show that shoppers expect personalization with best-in-class service and greater transparency on product and price than they do from brick-and-mortar stores.E-commerce means managing numerous variables. Online retailers often manage a vast inventory of product. Daily operations are more intense with the picking, packing and shipping of individual orders. The higher volume of post-purchase customer care is also an issue.“One-size-fits-all” marketing doesn’t work. Traditional retailers send out one mass flyer each week. E-commerce requires personalized marketing emails sent at a frequency and volume determined by individual customers.Geography sinks profit margins. The cost of picking and packing thousands of orders is no different than paying store employees. However, the cost of distribution to homes across entire countries is a much greater cost to the retailer.Some have speculated that the slow adoption rate of e-commerce in Canada is due to a cautious approach in solving these challenges. Others have suggested that Canadian businesses aren’t ready or aren’t interested enough in e-commerce to make it worth the cost to accelerate its growth. Still others have noted that Canadian cross-border shopping with the United States has lessened the demand for faster growth in Canada. Statistics show that 9.2 million Canadians placed at least one order with US e-commerce retailers in 2015.- Sponsor – The geography challenge has a far greater impact in Canada than in most other countries. The need to serve Canada’s vast geography with a relatively small population base makes e-commerce growth particularly difficult for Canadian e-tailers.But consumer demand is there and growing in Canada. Fortunately for them, numerous Canadian technology companies are equipped with the technical know-how and financial support necessary to support rapid e-commerce growth in the future of retail. Because Canada faces some major challenges, the adoption rate may never be as high as in the United States. But it is increasing and will continue to increase year-over-year as the Canadian retail industry continues to invest in systems, marketing and inventory to support it. Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

IRPAC Makes Reporting Recommendations in 2016 Annual Report (IR-2016-140; 2016 IRPAC Public Report)

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportThe Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC) has released its 2016 annual report, which includes recommendations to the IRS. IRPAC was created to provide a forum for discussion of information reporting issues.IRPAC recommended that regulations be amended to allow an employer to electronically deliver Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, and 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage, to all employees and, if an employee preferred paper delivery, the employee could request such and the employer would deliver the W-2 or 1095-C on paper to that employee. This recommendation would allow an employer to establish electronic delivery as the default, the employees would then retain the option to “opt-out” and get a paper Form W-2 and/or Form 1095-C, IRPAC explained.In addition, IRPAC recommended some clarifications to Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification. Further, IRPAC recommended that the IRS implement a process to archive past Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) so that payors that rely on an FAQ in filing information returns could later demonstrate the basis for the position taken.“Effective information reporting results in effective tax administration,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “The committee’s recommendations are an important line of sight into how we can improve the IRS information reporting program,” he added. “Well designed information reporting rules help both taxpayers to comply with the law and the IRS to enforce it,” Michael Gangwer, 2016 IRPAC chair, added.IR-2016-1402016 IRPAC Public Reportlast_img read more

Kansas ~ Sales and Use Tax: Retailer’s Installation Services Qualified for Exemption

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportA Kansas sales and use tax exemption for all installation services connected with the reconstruction, restoration, remodeling, renovation, repair, or replacement of a residence applied to the installation of various built-ins provided by a home improvement retailer taxpayer in customer residences. The appellate court held that the decision by the Board of Tax Appeals that: (1) the taxpayer was acting as a contractor and not a retailer when it installed the built-ins into customer’s homes; (2) all of the transactions at issue were real property improvements; and (3) the exemption applied, was correct. There is no exception in the statutory exemption that distinguishes the installation of built-ins from other residential home improvements.In the Matter of the Appeal of Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC, Kansas Court of Appeals, No. 115,254, April 14, 2017, ¶201-911last_img read more

IPL: Virender Sehwag is happy with new-look Delhi Daredevils

first_imgWith India eliminated from the Asia Cup and just one Twenty20 International against South Africa in Johannesburg to come, the focus now shifts to the upcoming Indian Premier League.Delhi Daredevils skipper Virender Sehwag is very pleased with the changes in the team composition made by the 2011 wooden spooners, and said it would be an honour and a pleasure to play alongside three current and former international captains.”It’s an honour to be playing with the players who have captained their countries. They can always give me advice if I am going wrong, or suggest a bowling change or field setting that works. So it feels great to be playing with Mahela, Kevin Pietersen and Ross Taylor,” Sehwag told reporters at an event to launch his team’s revamped website here on Wednesday.”I have got (players who were) my first preference, and am happy to have a strong team. Some players will not be available for the first few games, so we will have to really play well.”Asked about the goals for the upcoming season, the flamboyant batsman said: “No one can set a target. We will try to play good cricket, give our 100 per cent. The most important thing, to start with, is to make the play-offs. From there on we will think. The first two or three games are very important, and then we take it forward.”Sehwag, who was rested for the Asia Cup, said while he was doing fine now, he missed being part of the dressing room when his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, got to his 100th international century.advertisement”The rest period is over and I am set to train, and play in the IPL. (But) I missed being in the dressing room when Tendulkar scored that 100th century,” he said.The 33-year-old defended the continued failures of the national team, saying it was a phase everyone went through. “It happens with every team across the world. There is also the home advantage which every team is taking now. The times will change for us. (In the Asia Cup) we beat Pakistan and Sri Lanka but lost to Bangladesh. They have the ability to beat any team,” he said.With the senior players under pressure to give way to youth, Sehwag was asked about his opinion on when a player should retire, and said: “It’s not like a job, government job where you have to retire at 60. A cricketer can retire at 30 or 60, it’s up to the player. Sanath Jayasuriya played till he was 42. I will continue to play as long as I am enjoying the game, contributing to the team, winning games for my country. Nobody can force a player to retire.”After Rahul Dravid’s retirement, Sehwag had paid tribute to the legend’s patience. Asked if it was a sign of things to come in his own batting, Sehwag replied in the negative.”I will not change my style of batting. (Regarding Dravid) he is too good, he is a good listener too. Patience is important even in T20s; you have to play out 120 balls,” he said.Sehwag also heaped praise on Virat Kohli for his outstanding performances on the Australia tour and in the Asia Cup.”He is a brilliant player. He has hit 11 ODI centuries and has not even played 100 matches. He has proved himself and no amount of praise is enough for him,” Sehwag said.The Daredevils also launched their website in Hindi, and Sehwag, who hails from the semi-rural area of Najafgarh on the outskirts of Delhi, said: “This season, my priority will be to interact with the team’s fans. I am happy and excited to see the Hindi website. I am from a rural area, I lived in Najafgarh for 26-27 years before moving to central Delhi. This will help us reach out to more people who can’t read or understand English in the village, and expand our fan base.”shreyas. [email protected]last_img read more

A Marketer’s Guide To Video Codecs

first_imgOnline video is growing rapidly, with sites like Why Do Marketers Need Codecs? Video Marketing Originally published Feb 16, 2011 2:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Ian Muttoo container ffmpegX bit rate for Macintosh computers, both programs are free and super powerful! co VLC player When getting started with online video you might consider using an inexpensive video camera and doing some minor edits and posting  the video on your blog. As quality and production value becomes more important to your videos, it is critical to understand codecs. How do you get started with YouTube, video podcasting, live streaming, or viral videos. ompress (co+dec=codec) a data stream.  Any file container may be compatible with a number of different codecs.  Codecs can be either proprietary, licensed by a particular program or open source, developed by a public group of programmers.  The biggest differences between codecs are their overall quality.  The quality of a media file is dictated by a number of factors, the most important being the for Windows computers and .  But did you know there is a lot more to a digital media file than the container?  In this article we will cover the subject of audio and video codecs, what they are, different types, and how you can optimize your content. Google is currently developing VP8 for use in HTML 5 kbps Understanding Video Codecs Topics: Photo Credit: ).   What Is a Codec? It can be sometimes difficult to manage all of the different audio/video codecs out there.  If you ever have trouble playing files that quicktime, iTunes, or windows media player won’t recognize, try using the open source An important distinction between codecs is whether the codec uses lossless or lossy compression.  Media files using lossy compression are very common; an .mp3 is a great example of lossy compression as .mp3s can be compressed at a number of different bitrates depending on your desired file size.  Low quality/size .mp3s are typically compressed at 128kbps while a high quality/size .mp3s is compressed at 320kbps.  Lossless media files can either be compressed or uncompressed.  Lossless files maintain the bit rate of the original data stream creating a large, high quality file.  A .WAV file is an example of a lossless audio file that can either be compressed or uncompressed.  Lossless video is typically viewed in DVD and Blu-Ray formats as the high bit rate required for lossless video creates a large file. , a powerful media player that can play nearly any file.  For transcoding media files from one format to another try getting 30 hours of video uploaded every minute. While online video is fun to watch and an important part of your inbound marketing content strategy, it does require some technical knowledge to execute well.  How do you plan on using video and audio in your inbound marketing in 2011? Super Converter to learn how to use online video to grow your business with inbound marketing. A codec is simply a program that can dec Free Download: How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing mpress or There are currently a wide variety of video codecs available to compress digital video.  The most common codec is the H.264 codec used by Vimeo, YouTube, and iTunes.  Most .mov or .mp4 files you encounter will use the H.264 codec.  H.264 is so popular because of the quality it can deliver while maintaining a reasonable file size.  For Windows-based computers video files with the container .avi are fairly common.  These files typically use Xvid or DIVX codecs.  VP8 is a codec developed by On2 technologies who are now owned by Google.  Download the free webinar YouTube , you can see the codec at work in HD YouTube videos with a resolution of 720p or higher. .  Digital media file data streams are typically measured in kilobits per second ( Somewhere on your computer you have digital media files.  In your music collection you may have .mp3 files.  For video you might have .mov files.  Most people understand digital media by its file extension (.mov for example) also called a Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more