Trans-Siberian travel tips

first_img8 must-know tips for your dream Trans-Siberian journey.Completing a Trans-Siberian journey might be in the bucket list of all travellers. The whole 8-day trip gives you a glimpse into visual beauty ranging from huge cities of Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg to the charming Lake Baikal. You can appreciate the Ural mountains, see the train striding over huge rivers of Volga, Irktusk, Ob, Amur, Kama or see how small yet beautiful European style towns emerge out when you are getting towards Moscow.Here are 7 awesome tips, which may be of great use to you if you are planning to go on a Trans-Siberian train journey, a dream destination for travellers across the globe.1) Do it in a segment if you want to save bigAs the whole journey from Vladivostok in far East to Moscow in Europe takes 7 whole days and as flights from India to and from Vladivostok is expensive, you can do a short journey in the route if you are a budget traveller. For instance, roundtrip flights to Omsk in Siberia from Delhi costs less than 20k(Infact you may get it as low as 17k). From Omsk, a 35-hour long journey awaits you to Moscow.Transiberian train2) Know your classes and berthsThird class tickets are cheap, but if you prefer luxury and privacy first class would be a better choice. Tickets can be booked through the website of Russian railways as far as 90 days in advance.3) Go easy on foodThere is a pantry car in the train, the price of food is a bit on the higher side, so try out local stuff and homemade items from sellers and stores in stations. Your cabin manager might also have a collection of snacks which you could buy.Trans Siberian restaurant cabin4) The friendly co-passengers amidst the language barrierPerhaps the best part of the journey. Most of the Russians are friendly, but in Siberia and far east most people speak only Russian, it will be better if you could learn some basic Russian words, they would be trying their best to help you, the staff are supportive and in finally you get a lot of beautiful personal memories at the end of your journey.5) Choose your suitable time of the yearThe landscape remarkably changes in accordance with the time of the year. Winters will be cold as it can get, with temperatures dropping even to -50 in January in certain regions of Siberia. March end will be a better time to see the beautiful winter landscape as it will become warmer. Summer months of June/July will offer a fantastic view of the Siberian regions.Somewhere in the Urals.View from Trans-Siberian train6) Do it in parts if you want it allThe 7-day journey can be split into a multi-ticket itinerary stretching a long two weeks, with days spent in cities like Krayansk, Ulan-Ude, Irtusk (Lake Baikal), Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kirov. If you are in no hurry, spend one or two days in each to really experience the unique culture of the world’s biggest nation.7) Enjoy the stations but never miss the trainTrans-Siberian express stops for a large time in most of the big stations, 30-45 min to even an hour, so just get out from your cabin, and enjoy the stations, their architecture and all. But please keep a note of time, and be careful to not miss the train.Omsk railway station.One among the major hubs en route8) Travel through timeMoscow, you will find that time is changing. It’s interesting when you see the cabin manager comes and change the clock often. Till a few years back, all train time tables were in Moscow time, which created confusion among many of foreign travellers, but now they have switched to local time in boards/time tables of stations. The whole journey crosses 8 time zones in total, with a difference of 7 hours between Moscow and Vladivostok!last_img read more

How to survive… an office romance

first_imgThat frisson of excitement you felt when you met across a crowded photocopier is starting to develop into something more meaningful. Going to work each morning has become a joyous experience, and your exuberance is starting to show. But how should you play it? And what will you do if it all goes horribly wrong? Read on and weep…1. Never toy with emotions. Only get involved romantically with someone at work if you are seriously interested. Innocent flirting is all very well but take it further flippantly and lord knows what frightening repercussions it may have. Beware of the bunny boiler, the serial stalker or the trophy hunter. And if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen/canteen/store cupboard asap. 2. Do your research. Most women don’t need to be told this, but for all those hopeless males out there, it’s a good idea to check out your intended’s personality, so that you can be sure he/she is worth the effort. If you can get your mitts on their HR file, so much the better. Ultimately, it’s best never to have a relationship with someone at work if you can avoid it. Especially with your boss. 3. Try to make sure they don’t have a wife/husband/partner. You don’t want to be beaten to a pulp in the office.4. Try to make sure you don’t have a wife/husband/partner. Unless you want your entire wardrobe shredded and your company car keyed.5. Be discreet. If you are in the early stages of a romantic tryst, it pays to be very, very careful. You don’t want tongues wagging and ruining your chances with your intended. Plus you want to play it cool – if people start gossiping about how keen you are, you’re done for. 6. Keep it hush-hush. However open and broadminded companies claim to be, most would rather you pillow-talked to someone who works elsewhere. So it’s best to keep your ardour under wraps for as long as possible. Obviously, once the wedding bells are ringing, it’s time to come out of the stationery closet and look for a new job.7. Do not commit email hari-kari. Cutesy messages, graphic sexual fantasies or, heaven forfend, a love poem will be recorded for posterity and could be used against you. Furthermore, never send a ‘padded bear’ Valentine. Or write salacious messages on the office birthday card.8. Exercise self-restraint in potentially hairy situations. Like the Christmas party or leaving do’s. The volatile mix of work colleagues and alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Never go past first base in the workplace: couples caught in flagrante on the company’s CCTV are hilarious – unless it happens to be you.9. Try not to chuck him/her before you know that one of you is leaving the company. Otherwise your formerly ‘cute habits’ will be scrawled over company whiteboards, your laptop will be sabotaged and checking your email will become an act of heroism. It will also be time to kiss promotion and perhaps your job goodbye (particularly if your boss is the jilted party).10. “But I’m the one who’s been chucked!” If you’ve been binned, there’s not much you can do… well, actually there is. Lick your wounds in private but in public pretend that life is a bed of roses. Always have a smile at work and laugh uproariously in your ex’s presence who will be so mortified that you’re having a good time that he/she will try to worm their way back into your affections. You pays your money you takes your choice.last_img read more