Advantage Portmore

first_imgPortmore United forward Jeremie Lynch delivered on his promise to score, as he got the winner for his team in the CONCACAF League round of 16 game at the National Stadium on Wednesday night. Portmore clipped Panama’s Plaza Amador 1-0 to take a slim advantage going into the second leg in Central America next Wednesday. Lynch netted the game’s only goal 73 minutes into the contest, turning home Ricardo Morris’ low cross from four yards. “We had confidence in ourselves. We didn’t have all our players, but we knew what we had to do,” coach Shavar Thomas said after the game. In an evenly contested game, the home team started better in terms of bossing possession, but the Panamanians always looked to hit them on the break, although there were few chances for both teams. The first real chance came after 21 minutes, but Plaza Amador goalkeeper Eric Hughes parried Michael Binns’ shot for a corner. In the 35th minute, the Panamanians forced Portmore goalkeeper Shaven Paul into an equally tough save, parrying the ball for a corner. Portmore started the second-half brightly, but wasted a great chance when Binns decided to shoot instead of passing to his overlapping striker. The visitors then wasted another good chance five minutes after when Jose Murillo fired over from 12 yards. A minute later, captain Ameth Ramirez hit high from 18 yards. Lynch came the closest to scoring when his volley hit the post and rebounded to Morris, who was denied by an excellent save from Hughes. But Portmore would go ahead on the next chance they created in the 73rd minute. Morris broke away down the left and produced a low ball cross the six yards box for Lynch to beat Hughes and a defender with a neat finish. Portmore also had two other great chances through Roshane Sharpe and Binns, but could not extend their advantage to take into next week’s return game in Panama.last_img read more

Taking pension money

first_imgRe “A whole new Phil” (Editorial, April 5): How can someone so correct on Phil Angelides’ deceitful incompetence be so far off on supporting the possibility of using pension moneys for anything other than their intended purpose? That is specifically what the federal government did, and still does, with the Social Security moneys that were supposed to grow through investment. Instead, there is no money in Social Security, only huge IOUs to the Social Security administration and we live in a constant state of trying to figure out how to “save” Social Security while, concurrently, trying to come up with the money to pay the interest on this “off-budget” item. Is that the writer’s idea of innovative and forward thinking? – Patrick Weir AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventChatsworth Immigrant economics Re “A chance to build on rallies” (Their Opinions, April 6): The writers constantly blur the line between legal and illegal immigration. To call this the new civil- rights movement is a slap in the face to all of those people who actually were discriminated against and fought hard for equal rights. How can “intelligent” people talk about the disparity of rich to poor in Los Angeles without acknowledging that a large part of the problem was the overwhelming influx of uneducated and unskilled illegal immigrants? Last week, our mayor mentioned that we needed to help more teens with summer employment. How can he say that with a straight face? The low-end jobs that kids could usually count on are being taken by adults who do not have the skills to get a better-paying job. – Keith Gurian Granada Hills Meaningful protest Re “Ground zero for reform” (April 2): This is not the first time Los Angeles students took to the freeways to state their causes. After the shootings at Kent State in Ohio, students at Cal State L.A. formed a hand-in-hand human blockade where the Long Beach and San Bernardino freeways intersect. This is not the first time the schools in L.A. have been emptied. Also at the time of Kent State, Gov. Ronald Reagan closed the UC and Cal State campuses for a four-day weekend of peaceful reflection. What these students have gained by standing up for what is right and participating in democracy is more meaningful to all of us than a few days of lost schooling. – Richard Rofman Van Nuys How hard can it be? We don’t have to physically deport every illegal immigrant in this country. If we slowly shut down the illegal job market that attracts them, they will slowly leave on their own. Politicians who scream about how impossible it would be to deport them make no more sense than Chicken Little did when he moaned that “the sky was falling.” – Scott Yollis Granada Hills We pay for him? Re “Latinos: way overdue” (Viewpoint, April 2): Rodolfo Acu a’s article is typical of his writings. He is the author of “Occupied America,” a history of Chicanos. The occupiers are the Anglos, and their creation, the United States of America, is the worst evil ever visited upon the planet. Chicanos, Latinos, Mexicans, etc., are not the illegals in the U.S., Anglos are. Acu a’s diatribe was 18 column inches. His book is 419 pages. Some of it is useful history and it is the textbook for Chicano Studies at Cal State Channel Islands. I understand that Acu a despises Anglos and has a visceral hatred of the U.S., but I don’t understand why he is on the public payroll. – James H. Steger Camarillo Why they won’t One of the primary reasons America’s immigration policy remains unsettled is the simple truth that most Americans would never consider doing the menial tasks the industrious undocumented are willing to undertake. Rather, it appears most Americans are willing only to work jobs that exude status, not sweat. Indeed, if the undocumented are so unessential, why introduce legislation marking them as felons? If legislators remain bent upon punishing someone, why not charge the employer with a felony rather than the worker? Imagine millions of employers arrested and convicted of such a crime. Why, there wouldn’t be many Republicans left eligible to vote in 2008, and Hillary would win in a landslide. – Louisa B. Caucia Montrose Property-owner rights Re “Rents climb higher” (Your Opinions, April 3): Property tax increases should not be voted upon by nonproperty owners. Property owners are responsible to pay their property taxes. Apartment owners are property owners. They have a commodity. If taxes are raised on that commodity, the owner must pass it on to the consumer. An example of government socialism is when one citizen (the nonproperty owner) is allowed to vote taxes upon another citizen (the property owner). The United States is a republic, not a socialistic state. When government controls rent rates and allows nonproperty owners to vote taxes upon property owners, it is dealing in socialism. If I were an apartment owner, I would have to raise my rent rates if my property taxes are raised. – Carol Milton Woodland Hills Antonovich responds Re “County changes course” (April 5): Despite my opposition, the Board of Supervisors approved a $100 million homeless spending plan in response to the hustle of downtown developers and Los Angeles city politicians who want to take advantage of the hot real estate market. This plan forces the arbitrary relocation of the homeless to other parts of the county – even when not supported by the affected communities. The plan’s title, “Homeless Prevention Initiative,” is a misstatement – you cannot resolve this critical issue while the root causes are ignored. This program does not require the mentally ill to receive the necessary treatment to return to a normal healthy life or those with drug and alcohol dependencies to complete a rehabilitation program. Further, it cripples public safety – hijacking money earmarked to renovate Sybil Brand jail, put more deputies on the street to reduce response times, end the Sheriff Department’s reckless early-release program and support the district attorney, the public defender and other vital public safety programs. It also rewards illegal aliens by providing them free housing. – Michael D. Antonovich Supervisor Los Angeles County New World Order Re “Rents climb higher” (Your Opinions, April 3): You complain that rents in Los Angeles “are totally outrageous.” It’s simple economics of supply and demand. With over 500,000 Latino demonstrators taking to the streets of Los Angeles, protesting for more and more people to be let in, what do you thinks rents will be like in the near future? This group will live five, 10 or more to a single apartment, all wanting and, in their situation, living a “better life.” Wake up! Life will only become more expensive and the quality will be severely impacted, and not for the better. Look for more students per classroom, longer waits in the emergency rooms, less service and higher taxes. Welcome to the new world order. – Darene Sutherland Reseda Too good for him Why give Zacarias Moussaoui the death penalty and 72 virgins? Life without the possibility of parole seems more appropriate. – Richard Promen Chatsworth No laughing matter It has been reported that the birth of Tom Cruise’s baby is imminent. Once the poor child realizes who his father is, he may make medical history as the first newborn to suffer from postpartum depression. – Marshall Barth Encino160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more