Apples public apology to Samsung is anything but apologetic

first_imgApple is suing Samsung in multiple courts around the world because they feel Samsung has infringed a number of its design patents. So far, Apple seems to be winning, but in the UK recently judge Colin Birss decided Samsung’s device designs weren’t confusing to the consumer because they are “not as cool.”Judge Birss went further though, demanding Apple apologizes to Samsung publicly for all the hassle caused by the lawsuit. Apple predictably appealed that decision, but failed and therefore has to run the apology on its website. That apology has now appeared on, but it’s anything but apologetic.Apple was never going to say “Sorry Samsung, we were wrong to sue you,” but the actual six paragraph apology is basically a summary of the judgement and notice there is no injunction against Samsung pertaining to the designs.The last paragraph may cause judge Birss some upset, however, as it points out both German and US courts decided Samsung was engaging in unfair competition under the same patent and had copied the iPad design. In other words, Apple has taken the opportunity to call out the UK judge as making the wrong decision.This may not be the end of the saga for Apple due to the wording used. Samsung could argue this doesn’t constitute a proper apology and the judge could also take issue with the wording and inclusion of that last paragraph.Whichever way you look at it, Apple is certainly not apologetic for the action it is continuing to take against Samsung.via Applelast_img read more