Grateful Dead ‘All The Years Live’ Video Series: “Row Jimmy” From Pittsburgh 1990 [Watch]

first_imgThe latest installment in the Grateful Dead‘s All The Years Live archive video series is available now on the band’s YouTube page. This entry highlights the Dead’s performance of “Row Jimmy” from Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA on July 8th, 1990.This telling of the Wake of the Flood classic came in the midst of a serene first set. The full concert would later be released on DVD as View from the Vault, Volume One in 2000, and with good reason as the entire show finds the Dead in fine form. With the whole band in sync, the improvisation flows effortlessly between Jerry Garcia and Brent Mydland and provides an idyllic soundtrack to a fine summer day.Grateful Dead archivist and legacy manager David Lemieux notes in the video’s description,When the Pittsburgh show from 7/8/90 was selected for release as the first View From The Vault, the excellent first set had a couple of major highlights from 1973’s Wake Of The Flood: the set-closing Let It Grow, and this Row Jimmy from earlier in the set (to round out the Wake trio, they’d also play Eyes Of The World in the second set). Asked in an interview what was his favourite song to play with the Grateful Dead, Jerry replied Row Jimmy.Watch the Grateful Dead perform “Row Jimmy” at Three Rivers Stadium on July 8th, 1990.Grateful Dead – “Row Jimmy” – Pittsburgh, PA – 7/8/90[Video: Grateful Dead]Previous installments of the Dead’s ongoing All The Years Live series have included:“It’s All Over Now” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“Stagger Lee” from 12/31/78 at Winterland Arena“Sugaree” from 10/1/88 at Shoreline Amphitheatre“Row Jimmy” from 9/16/78 at Giza Sound And Light Theatre“Not Fade Away” from 7/10/90 at Carter-Finley Stadium“Terrapin Station” from 7/4/89 at Rich Stadium“Bird Song” from 7/10/90 at Carter-Finley Stadium “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo” from 7/12/89 at RFK Stadium “Wang Dang Doodle” from 5/11/91 at Shoreline Amphitheatre “Dark Star” from 10/18/74 at Winterland Ballroom“Ripple” from 10/31/80 at Radio City Music Hall “Dear Mr. Fantasy” > “Hey Jude” from 7/2/89 at Sullivan Stadium“Scarlet Begonias” from 10/19/20 at Winterland Ballroom“Bertha” from 7/4/89 at Rich Stadium“China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” from 10/2/87 at Shoreline Amphitheatre“Playing In The Band” from 6/9/1991 at Buckeye Lake“Sugar Magnolia” > “Scarlet Begonias” from 7/16/1990 at Rich Stadium“Standing On The Moon” from 7/7/89 at JFK Stadium“Truckin’” from 6/13/93 at Rich Stadium“Fire On The Mountain” from 10/31/80 at Radio City Music Hall“Mississippi Half-Step” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“The Wheel” > “All Along The Watchtower” from 6/11/93 at Buckeye Lake“Wharf Rat” from 7/6/90 at Cardinal Stadium“Uncle John’s Band” from 10/19/74 at Winterland Ballroom“Ship of Fools” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“West L.A. Fadeaway” from 7/26/87 at Rich Stadium“Brown Eyed Women” from 7/1/92 at Buckeye Lake“When Push Comes To Shove” from 7/24/87 at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum“Touch of Grey” from 6/16/90 at Shoreline Amphitheatre “Casey Jones” from 12/31/78 at Winterland Ballroom“Uncle John’s Band” from 6/25/93 at JFK Stadium“Cumberland Blues” from 7/17/89 at Alpine Valley“Cassidy” from 6/13/93 from Rich Stadium“Cold Rain & Snow” from 6/14/91 at RFK Stadium“Eyes of the World” from 6/11/93 at Buckeye Lake“Black Peter” from 7/8/90 at Three Rivers Stadium“Sugaree” from 10/18/74 at Winterland Ballroom“Foolish Heart” from 6/11/93 at Buckeye Lake“Uncle John’s Band” from 7/17/89 at Alpine Valley Music Theatre“Let It Grow” from 6/9/91 at Buckeye LakeOpening Sequence and “U.S. Blues” from The Grateful Dead Movie“Truckin’” from 10/30/80 at Radio City Music Hall“Bird Song” from 6/26/93 at RFK Stadium“Samson And Delilah” from 12/31/78 at Winterland Ballroom“They Love Each Other” from 12/27/83 at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium“High Time” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“Truckin’” from 10/19/74 at Winterland Ballroom“Feel Like A Stranger” from June 26th, 1993 at RFK Stadium“Cold Rain And Snow” from 7/4/89 at Rich Stadium“Let It Grow” from 7/8/90 at Three Rivers Stadium“St. Stephen” from New Year’s Eve 1978 at Winterland Ballroom“Throwing Stones” from New Year’s Eve 1987 at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum“Stagger Lee” from 7/1/92 at Buckeye Lake“Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower” from 6/14/91 at JFK Stadium“Weather Report Suite from 10/18/74 at Winterland Ballroom“Bird Song” From at New Year’s Eve 1987 at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum“Way To Go Home” From 6/13/93 at Rich Stadium“Black-Throated Wind” from 6/14/91 at RFK Stadium“Heaven Help The Fool” from 10/30/80 at Radio City Music Hall“China Cat Sunflower” / “I Know You Rider” from 10/17/74 at the Winterland Ballroom“Let It Grow” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“Loose Lucy” from 6/17/91 at Giants Stadium“Big Boss Man” from 6/16/90 at Shoreline Amphitheatre“New Speedway Boogie” from 6/17/91 at Giants Stadium“Terrapin Station” from 7/26/87 at Anaheim Stadium“Not Fade Away” from New Year’s Eve 1978 at the Winterland Ballroom“Cassidy” from 6/17/91 at Giants Stadium“Stagger Lee” from 7/4/91 at Rich Stadium“Lazy River Road” from 6/26/93 at RFK Stadium“Bird Song” from 7/1/92 at Buckeye Lake“Shakedown Street” from 6/22/91 at Soldier Field“My Brother Esau” from 7/24/87 at Oakland, CA’s Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum“Blow Away” from 7/16/90 at Rich Stadium“Touch of Grey” from 7/4/89 at Rich Stadium“China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” from 7/6/90 at Cardinal Stadium“Estimated Prophet” from 7/8/90 at Three Rivers Stadium“Reuben & Cherise” from 6/6/90 at Buckeye Lake“Morning Dew” from 10/18/74 at the Winterland Ballroom“Sugar Magnolia”/”Scarlet Begonias”/”Fire On The Mountain” from 12/31/78 at the Winterland Ballroom“Wang Dang Doodle” from 6/14/91 at RFK StadiumView All Videoslast_img read more

Air Force secretary says F-35 only option for Vermont

first_imgVermont Business Magazine Below is a link to video and text of Senator Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vermont) exchange  with Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson at today’s Appropriations Committee hearing. Secretary Wilson testified directly that there is not another mission for the Vermont Air National Guard, other than the F-35 mission. Leahy is the Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and today’s hearing is part of the committee’s process in writing the federal budget for Fiscal Year 2019.The VIDEO can be found by clicking the image of Secretary Wilson.A TRANSCRIPT of this video of the Leahy-Wilson Q&A is also BELOW.Senate Appropriations CommitteeHearing On The Fiscal Year 2019 Budget ProposalFor The U.S. Air ForceThursday, May 17, 2018Speakers:Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Vice Chairman of the Appropriations CommitteeSecretary of the Air Force Heather WilsonChief of Staff of the Air Force General David Goldfein[TRANSCRIPT]Senator Leahy: Thank you Mr. Chairman, and I am glad to see the Senate Appropriations Committee going back to the old way of actually getting things scheduled and done and Secretary Wilson and General Goldfein it’s good to see you both.We don’t have “Maine-iacs” but I’ll talk about the Green Mountain Boys. You know Madame Secretary we are proud, as I’ve told you many times, of our Air National Guard.  They do make a lot of sacrifices to serve our nation.  One of the finest units in the total Air Force and after an extensive and a competitive review, the Air Force selected the Vermont Air Guard to be the first Guard unit to operate the F-35A and they’ll operate it out of Burlington, Vermont.  And one thing I’ve always been proud of from the time I was a college student there, was watching how the Guard has worked with the community to integrate what they do, and they’ll continue to do it.  I’m concerned that a group has circulated some misinformation in Vermont, so let me ask a couple questions just to clarify the public record.Is it not correct that the Air Force selected the Vermont Air National Guard for basing the first F-35As after the Air Force’s own extensive basing evaluation process?Secretary Wilson: So that’s correct. It’s the third unit to get the F-35 and the first National Guard unit after a national look and a narrowing down of appropriate bases for them?Senator Leahy: Thank you. And the Vermont Air Guard currently flies F-16s.  General, I’ve flown in a couple of the rare two-seaters in the F-16s and I know exactly what you’re saying about trying to turn around.  It’s known for its excellent maintenance and operation records, but they’re nearing the end of their service life and some have claimed that if they go, there will be another mission for the Vermont Air Guard other than F-35 basing.  That’s not a fact, is it?Secretary Wilson: No sir, it’s not.  In fact the United States Air Force has gone since 1991 from 134 fighter squadrons down to only 56.  And as Senator Udall knows all too well, there are now states that do not have flying missions.  If the F-35s don’t go to Vermont, the F-16s will eventually age out, and it’s highly likely that Vermont will no longer have a flying mission for its Guard.Senator Leahy: Why thank you Madame Secretary and I want you to know how proud I am of both the Air and Army Guard in Vermont, they’ve always responded.  I want to ask you something, and we discussed about this yesterday, and I was intrigued by your answer.  In your recent Air Warfare Symposium speech, you said “it’s time to take risks, it’s time to productively fail.”  I found that intriguing, would you speak to that a little bit?Secretary Wilson: Senator, when I say productively fail, I used to be president of a science and engineering university and I found that our freshman students, you know A and B students out of high school, really hard working, they are always afraid to fail.  And as engineers they need to learn how to productively fail.  And so I’d give them examples.  For example, you know why WD-40 is called WD-40?  Because the first 39 versions didn’t work.  And so it’s about finding what doesn’t work sometimes.  And you think about WD-40.  Four out of every five homes in America have a can of WD-40 and it was initially developed as a coating for the Atlas missile to prevent corrosion but it took a guy named Norm Larson 40 tries to get the right formula to make it work.  And so it’s about learning as you prototype and experiment and not thinking about a test failure as a failure.  It’s just one more step where you’re learning to figure out the path to success and so that’s what I mean by productive failure.Senator Leahy:  I was intrigued by it and went back and reread last night your speech and I think we could put that in a whole lot of areas but obviously, being cutting edge in the Air Force, you’re going to have things that don’t work the first time, and you got to be willing to go ahead with it.  And I’m glad to see you include funding in the FY19 budget request for initial production of the HH-60W, the combat rescue helicopter, something I supported early on.  Can you explain to the committee the need for this, either you or General Goldfein, whoever you like, and how that might be used in combat missions.General Goldfein: Yes sir, and as an Air Force we actually own the mission to be able to fight our way in to a hot landing zone, fight our way in against an enemy and pick up a wounded soldier, sailor or airman, marine at the point of injury.  And so the combat rescue helicopter allows us to do that mission.  And not only is it for us, but it is also for our allies and partners, because they know and we have demonstrated this to them before, that if they go in and they find themselves on the ground out of an airplane that they’ve bailed out of, that we’re not going to stop at anything to come and get them.  And I have personal experience with that, having been rescued myself back in 1999 and I tell you one of the best sights you’ll ever see when you’re behind enemy lines is that combat rescue helicopter coming to pick you up.Senator Leahy:  The head of my Vermont office was in the Army during Vietnam and he tells about when they crashed behind enemy lines, surrounded in the jungles by the enemy, how good it felt when that rescue came in.Mr. Chairman, thank you very much.  Madame Secretary thank you.  And again, I was intrigued by that speech.  I hope a lot of people read it.  General, I appreciate your comments.Source: Leahy. 5.17.2018last_img read more

Walker: Mental Health

first_imgBy AARON WALKERIndependent Candidate Los Alamos County CouncilThroughout my campaign I have stated the need for honesty and transparency in our government, and it’s time for me to honor that need by having a discussion regarding mental health. I have been running my campaign at full steam since late May when I was trying to get on the ballot. Since then, it has been a roller coaster of emotions with some highs, lows, and a ton of anticipation.At times, my mental health has suffered under the weight of the self-induced pressure. I’ve questioned some of my strategies and wondered if I’ve done enough. I have had tremendous support from my wife, friends, and family that have been very encouraging throughout this whole process. I’ve bounced back with renewed motivation and vigor each time, but only because I have learned the tools I’ve needed over the years.Mental health is a big issue within our community, and it’s time that people in the spotlight start talking about it so that people (especially our youth) understand that it is okay to talk about it. Struggling with mental health is not a sign of weakness, and there is nothing “wrong” with it. We must find a way to make people comfortable talking about their struggles, and it starts with having this conversation publicly. Again, it is okay to not be okay.Los Alamos County has a myriad of services at its disposal regarding health services, including the health council. I would like to see those services leveraged to provide better mental health services within the county, especially to our teens and youth. I want to see if we can provide better services at the schools, as well as the teen center. We need more providers for mental health services for children within our community as well. We need to foster an environment that gives our teens and youth the tools they need to better confront mental health issues when they come up. These tools will prove extremely valuable as they navigate the waters of stepping into adulthood, and throughout their lives.It’s not just our youth that need better services. We need more/better services for the adults within our community as well. Again, that would mean finding more providers for these services and having a discussion at multiple levels on how to increase their availability. I also want to look at the possibility of “traveling” providers that could assist our senior population at our senior centers in Los Alamos and White Rock, as well as our senior housing locations.If we are to continue to have a wonderful community, we need to address the hard topics. We need to have discussions that may be hard to talk about. Mental health is one of those discussions. I will say right now that I struggle with mental health sometimes, and that is OKAY. It doesn’t define me or make me a weak person. It makes me human being with real emotions and real feelings. I am willing to discuss this openly and honestly, and it’s time we start erasing the stigma of mental health.last_img read more

Wouldn’t you like to live in the past?

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Automotive Task Force Selects Circular Coil Design for Electronic Vehicle Wireless Charging Systems

first_imgWiTricity has announced that the SAE International’s J2954 Taskforce has selected a circular coil topology for its official test station against which Electronic Vehicle (EV) wireless charging systems will be tested for interoperability and standards compliance. Products developed by car makers, Tier 1 suppliers and charging infrastructure suppliers will be measured against 3.7 kW and 7.7 kW test stations.The agreement on key technical and procedural elements of the standard was reached at a meeting of the SAE J2954 Task Force members held in Ingolstadt, Germany in mid-January. The goal of the task force is to develop a standard that ensures interoperability between the wide range of electrified vehicles being developed by carmakers worldwide and the wireless charging stations that will be widely deployed to streamline the charging of the next generation of EVs and PHEVs.Vehicle electrification is a priority for automakers, and providing drivers with the most convenient charging experience is critical to reaching mass adoption. Wireless charging has emerged as a preferred solution for electric vehicles and for the autonomous electric vehicles that are expected to be in the market in the coming years. The SAE J2954 Task Force is developing standards for wireless charging that enable automakers and their suppliers, as well those companies planning to build and operate wireless charging stations for public usage, to offer seamless interoperability on a global basis.WiTricity’s DRIVE series of EV reference designs include 3.7 kW, 7.7 kW and 11 kW, scaling to 22 kW and higher, and is based on the company’s patented magnetic resonance technology. These designs deliver superior end-to-end efficiency of 91%-94% and combine WiTricity’s innovative TMN technology with its circular coil design.WiTricity is working with major automakers and Tier 1 suppliers including Toyota, Delphi, TDK, IHI and BRUSA to bring the next-generation of wireless EV charging to a commercial reality. The company has also announced it is working with General Motors (GM) and Nissan in testing the DRIVE system.last_img read more

Middle school girls basketball: (Upated) Rusheon, Elm Grove, Cope notch district victories

first_imgRusheon, Elm Grove and Cope won eighth- and seventh-grade Bossier Parish middle school girls basketball district games Monday.In eighth-grade games, Rusheon edged Greenacres 28-26, Cope defeated Benton 26-21 and Elm Grove downed Haughton.In seventh-grade games, Rusheon slipped past Greenacres 20-17, Cope downed Benton and Elm Grove topped Haughton. At Rusheon, the Lady Rams hit a basket with 1.6 seconds in the game to pull out the eighth-grade victory.Tylissa Henderson led Rusheon with eight points. Kaleigh Cathey topped Greenacres with 17. Catherine Dupree added six points. Katie Kent hit a 3-pointer.Zanyah Lefear paced the victorious Rusheon seventh-grade team with 11 points. The Lady Rams hit a 3-pointer with about a minute to play.Paige Marshall led Greenacres with 12 points. Gwen Peterson, Rachel Burns, Erin Harrell and Trinity Houston also scored.At Benton, Cope’s eighth-grade team had balanced scoring the victory. Catherine Jurkovich, Meaux Carroll and Jania Jones scored five points apiece. Regan Amos and Jamaiya Cooper tossed in four each.Addison Graves led Benton with six points.Atum Boyd poured in 20 points for the victorious Cope seventh-grade team. A’niya Hudson and Joshlyn Allen also contributed to the victory with their scoring.At Elm Grove, Elm Grove got 10 points from Mackenzie Eason, eight from Amoree Williams and seven from Trinitee Bruno in the eighth-grade victory.Chloe Larry paced the victorious Lady Eagles seventh-grade squad with 11 points. Jamie Williams added six, Rayviania ivory five and Jayla James four.NOTE: The above report is based on information provided by coaches. It will be updated if more information is received.Perfect-Dating.comAre You Ready to Meet Cool Guys in Tung Chung?|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Secret Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unblock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Abby from NCIS? Take A Deep Breath Before You See How She Looks|SponsoredSponsoredUndoNews gadgetThis watch takes the whole country by storm! it’s price? Ridiculous!News gadget|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Trick Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unlock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCelebsland.com9 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more